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If you’re in the North Manchester area you may also be interested in our services in Rochdale.
About UsPure supports people with disabilities and disadvantaged groups to get into work and access community and leisure activities. When you’re ill, do you keep calm and carry on, or do you keep calm and take time off?
I felt incredibly lucky and relieved when my Head of Subject told me I should take the time off that I needed to get well again.
From both an institutional and a personal perspective it was pointless to continue working because it would most likely prolong my illness in the short-term, and I suspect it would also impact on my long-term health, and not just because shingles can cause lasting nerve damage.
My question is: why, when we know what our bodies need in order to be well, are we so reluctant to keep calm and take time off, instead of desperately carrying on? So, to come back to my original question: do you keep calm and rest up, or do you keep calm and carry on? Nadine is Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University and has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Hull. Thanks for this Nadine, and thank you for mentioning the impact sickness has on hourly paid lecturers.
Some of the most common questions with which PhD researchers are concerned focus on how they should set their priorities during their doctoral studies. You’re close to submitting your PhD, to passing your viva voce examination with flying colours, and to be awarded your doctorate. Good quality improves business performance; bad quality damages it and is costly in so many ways. Zero Defects is the approach to quality that was developed and promoted by the guru Philip B.
Ita€™s a way of thinking about quality that doesna€™t tolerate errors or defects and continually strives to improve processes and prevent errors so that work is always done correctly without needing repetition or rework or generating waste; this is Crosbya€™s philosophy of a€?right first timea€™.
These phrases have the benefit of being unambiguous; a€?Zero Defectsa€™ and a€?right first timea€™ mean exactly what they say. The key word for achieving Zero Defects is prevention, you dona€™t get a€?ZDa€™ by simply taking corrective actions to rectify existing problems, you have to stop them occurring in the first place. Zero Defects addresses the apathy that you often come across: a€?There will always be errors, therea€™s nothing you can do to prevent thema€?; why do we accept this statement for product manufacturing or software design but wouldna€™t accept it from our surgeon as we entered the operating theatre, or in our bank accounts?
Zero Defects is controversial because ita€™s so difficult to achieve; some people claim ita€™s ridiculous and counter-productive to have a target of zero that will rarely be attained.

If implemented without sufficient thought it could even cause defects because of the extra stages of increasingly rigorous and expensive inspection and handling of the products. As with many areas of quality management ita€™s about the philosophy and the journey you take from where you are now to being a better business, it is the a€?attitude of defect preventiona€?. Ita€™s also worth bearing in mind that he didna€™t intend a€?ZDa€™ to always stand alone, it formed just 3 steps out of a 14 step quality improvement programme. Ia€™d love to elaborate but ita€™s not something that I can summarise in a few bullets and Ia€™m already out of space.
However, you might be interested in some of his related concepts such as how to assess the real Cost Of Quality, so Ia€™ll talk about these in future articles; watch this space!
As this is the last Quality insights before the New Year, may I wish you a very happy Christmas and a high quality, and successful, 2010. Primilis is a consultancy that helps you be more successful by improving the way you work, cutting cost, reducing risk and by improving the quality of your products and the way they are manufactured. We fitted this double automatic garage door in Grantham last week, looks fantastic in the sunlight, the window option allows plenty of light into the garage when the door is down. We followed that this week by fitting this near identical automatic garage door in Newark  shown above. Although not far away from the town centre, it boasts stunning natural views, as well as a heated conservatory, tennis courts and a children’s play area.
It’s the perfect place to sit back and relax at the end of a stroll through the park, and watch the koi carp swimming through the lake. Shingles seriously knocked me out, even though I noticed it and got anti-viral medication on the very first day the rash appeared. Lucky and relieved because I almost felt guilty for having to say I wasn’t well enough to teach, and in my head the standard procedure is to just get on with things as if nothing was wrong. I firmly believe that with every illness from which we ask our body to recover without giving it the rest it needs to do so fully and properly chips away at our longterm health, our immune system, and our general wellbeing.
On average, shingles can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks (and longer), but after 12 days I’m pretty much symptom-free and back on my feet. Her research covers Victorian and neo-Victorian literature and culture, contemporary women’s fiction, and cultural histories of women, gender, and feminism from the nineteenth century through to the present day. And, as I have mentioned before, taking preventive actions is much harder than taking corrective actions. By eliminating defects these costs are sufficiently reduced that the savings more than pay for the quality improvement programme; hence his assertion that a€?Quality is Freea€™.

They believe it will lead to excessive inspection costs and demoralised staff who keep a€?failinga€™.
Crosby didna€™t expect that everyone adopting Zero Defects would always achieve it, or that residual defects should be seen as failings by an individual or group.
His book describes a€?how toa€™ in detail, so may I refer you to a€?Quality is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certaina€™ by Philip B. In this case there used to be two garage doors with a pillar between, we worked with our builder to remove the pillar and fit a new RSJ before fitting the new door. The panel and window options taken were different but otherwise a very similar look and fit, again we removed the central pillar and fitted a new RSJ. In turn, I wonder how widespread the idea is that taking time off when you’re physically unwell is a sign of weakness, of failure, of a lack of dedication to your career, your company, or your cause. Still, I was worried. I knew my classes would be covered by wonderfully capable colleagues who reassured me that I should rest up.
I doubt that would have been the case had I schlepped myself into uni to do, among other things, my four hours of back-to-back teaching on a Thursday, for example. She is currently completing a monograph on the literary and cultural history of the widow in Britain (Liverpool University Press, 2017).
Ita€™s about continually striving to work better and not being satisfied with the status quo.
We do this type of work more frequently these days as cars get larger and customers look to increase their drive through width. The benefits of battling through illness while continuing to work as normal are very few, if any, at least in your average sickness situation (with chronic illness being a whole different, difficult topic, as many of my guest bloggers have discussed). If I am not here to teach, my students will have a free time… My colleagues are so overwhelmed that you can only organize a replacement, if it is planed.
On how many research days at home did I insist on carrying on as if I wasn’t ill, wrapped in a blanket in my study, and with caffeine, painkillers, and tissues to hand?

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