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When your spouse is sending you a mixed signal, then there is a possibility that he or she is not telling the truth.
Researchers say that lying can cause a tingling sensation on the tissues found on the neck. You might think that it might be influenced by Pinocchio, but touching one’s nose may also indicate if someone is lying. Signs of an Abusive Relationship How to Stop Being Controlling Dealing with a Possessive Partner How to Cope with a Controlling Partner Insecurities in Relationship Controlling and Abusive Relationship Is He The Wrong Man? To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Society would quickly collapse were it not for the dozens of tiny lies we permit ourselves every day. Did we forget a nonverbal term?  Suggest it in the comment box or e-mail it direct, and we’ll be ecstatic to add it!  With well over 500 terms, the BLP dictionary is growing to be the largest free nonverbal dictionary in the world!  Brought to you exclusively by The Body Language Project!  Visit our homepage for more free learning. Laughing cycle: Laughter is very contagious and when full blown can perpetuate itself in an open loop circuit until we are unable to breath or are in tears. Leg crossing: A form of close body posture that signifies liking when oriented toward someone rather than away, sexual interest when entwine and comfort because it disables a person from leaving. Liar’s lilt: When a person telling a lie finishes their sentence with an tag question coupled with a high pitched voice nearing the end. Liking (nonverbal): Nonverbal communication that shows a person feels a connection and agreement with another person.  Liking is conveyed through active eye contact, genuine smiles, nodding, ventral fronting, leaning forward and increased proximity, touching, MISSING? Limp fish handshake: A handshake that has far too little pressure and indicates a timid personality who feels that touching is a violation of personal space.

Linguistic anthropologists: Researchers who study the development of language including body language over thousands of years. Lip biting or biting the lip or cheek biting: Biting the lip with the teeth or chewing on the sides of the mouth indicates hidden insecurity, embarrassment, a vulnerability and a lack of self confidence.
Looking away: A signal of comfort when done within context as it shows that a person is lacking fear, but can also show disrespect in extreme cases as it indicate an aloof attitude. The Body Language Project is the result of a decade of personal research including a thorough review of over 60 primary scientific research journal articles. If you are only picking up on what is being said, you are missing more than half of the message. It is important to discover and know the cues and signals that may give them out in case they are lying. Your spouse may be unconsciously telling something by his actions that do not necessarily agree with the words said. Researchers discovered that telling a lie may cause the tissue on the nose to swell, causing people to touch or rub their nose. Avoiding eye contact is one important sign as people cannot face someone when they are lying.
Liars tend to use an object in front of them to deviate attention or to hide their body language.
When that trust is compromised, such as when a partner starts lying, the relationship may become strained. The action may be as obvious as covering the whole mouth when talking or simply just putting a finger on the lips.

When a spouse touches or rubs the neck area or simply playing with his or her collar, then it may be a sign that he or she may not be sure of telling you the truth. For instance, when breaking up with a partner, we reassure them that "It's not you, it's me", when in reality it most certainly is them. Fidgeting and playing with hair or clothes can reveal an excess of energy, which signals discomfort or anxiety. Here are some common body language cues that may help tell you that you spouse may not be telling the truth. That said, there are various things we can look out for to help us know when someone is lying. In many situations when we might be tempted to lie, we can also simply be nervous – trying to cover up our mistakes or woo a possible partner. The trick is to establish what a person's "baseline" behaviour is, and then look for deviations. If someone is normally relaxed, then blinking and quick eye movement, licking of the lips and touching of the face can all denote lying.
If you are lying and want to disguise it, keep your eyes and your hands calm without seeming unnatural.
In the end, the old adage is probably correct: if you suspect someone is lying, they probably are.

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