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Authorities said in the latest incidents, they show up offering to complete an asphalt job on a driveway and quote the victims a price. The $20,000 fines were logged in the July meeting agenda for the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission. To put the size of the fines in perspective, I looked through other OMVC meeting agendas for 2016. Think about that for a second. The two David Stanley dealerships were fined $20,000 for advertising violations in one month, while all the other new dealerships in the metro combined were fined only $6,000 for the entire year. D) What is being done to compensate the consumers who fell victim to the dealership’s advertising violations? Sadly, I don’t think the local for-profit media will ever take the initiative to ask those questions. And finally, since you are such a sharp consumer, I’m going to give a fantastic deal on our new rustproofing product.
If you want to understand HOW David Stanley gets away with doing business this way, you only need to read the comment sections of TLO articles on this topic from the past two weeks.
Thanks to a tip via the Ogle Mole Network, we have learned that David Stanley was fined $20,000 a few weeks ago for 20 advertising violations at its Midwest City and Norman Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealerships.
If you have any free time today, why don’t you share this article on the Facebook pages for News 9, KFOR, KOCO Channel 5 and even NewsOK just to make sure they know about it. Try getting in contact with this group…they helped me, they might be able to help you, too!!
You don’t have to coerce someone under threat of death (holding a gun to their head) to be engaging in shady business.
The thief then used that stolen vehicle as a trade in at David Stanley in Norman, providing no title to the dealership. When I used to live out near Draper there’d be some broke person trying to get us to pay them to seal our driveway.
After someone called on said vehicle and I couldn’t find it on the lot I asked my sales manager. When a business uses deceptive advertising tactics to take advantage of people, it’s unethical.
The world is full of people who believe anything they here, as long as it is repeated enough times. Why do dealerships get away with overcharging and misleading just about everyone who comes in?
The dealership then resold the vehicle without a title (never even contacted the tag agency to verify this vehicle they had purchased and resold) to a man in OKC. David Stanley has got to be worse than Lynn Hickey when it comes to lying, cheating and stealing.
If you cleared all those hoops and your name was drawn, you could buy a clunker for $88 which the dealership would pressure you to trade in towards a new vehicle.
They’ll probably just sell David Stanley a 30-minute infomercial block to help them combat the court of public opinion. After months of me pursuing this with the police, OKC police finally recovered the vehicle from the man that purchased (what he thought was a legitimate sale at David Stanley) and he had to abandon the car. Explains why the crowds are always smaller than I expect them to be when I first arrive and I am looking for a parking place. Next time, maybe the gypsies should consider advertising with News 9 so they can avoid all the bad publicity. However, we were left paying the damages to the vehicle, No tag (other than a David Stanley paper tag) causing us to pay for that at the tag agency and impound fees.
You negotiate maybe once or twice every 4-6 years, and they are professionals that do it everyday. Letting you walk out of the dealership at 140% LTV when a fair deal would have been much less. Most prime customers are more informed on the buying process and have explored their options. It may be David Stanley with the bad rep, but the finance guys travel around from one dealership to another like NFL coaches.

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