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The contestant, or player in this case, is put face to face with a series of multiple choice questions to which he or she needs to give the correct answer in order to advance to the next one. There are 15 questions and the last one guarantees you a million dollars, euros, pounds or the equivalent of a similarly large sum in other currency, depending on the country where it’s played. That’s not the issue though, what is, is the fact that you always seem to get the same question.
Famous TV competition from many countries strikes back, this time in very solid graphics coat with unending number of new and new questions which are still harder and harder.

If you mess it up, you can lose all your winnings or choose to quit while you’re ahead. If you give the wrong answer on question 10, you start all over and go through the same ones as before. We all know about the popular TV show and of course wished to be on it, but for those of us who were less fortunate, we can settle for a game that recreates the contest fairly well. You still get three lifelines to call on when you’re unsure of an answer and you get to deal with increasingly harder questions.

Basically, playing this game a couple of times allows you to memorize all the questions and answers, ultimately ending up to be the opposite of a challenge.

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