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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Since our flaming text probably wona€™t look very impressive against a white background, leta€™s fill our new document with black. With the Type Tool selected, youa€™ll see that the Options Bar at the top of the screen has changed to show options specifically for the Type Tool.
Wea€™ll use white as our initial text color, even though wea€™ll be adding more colors later on. With the Type Tool selected, a font chosen and your Foreground (text) color set to white, click inside your document and add your text. My text is a little too small at the moment, so Ia€™m going to resize it using Photoshopa€™s Free Transform command, which I can also use to move the text. Nothing will seem to have happened to the text in the document, but if we look in the Layers palette, we can see that the text layer, sitting directly above the Background layer, has been converted into a normal, pixel-based layer. To create the flames effect, wea€™ll need to work on a copy of our text layer, which means we need to duplicate the layer. Wea€™ve duplicated the text layer, but wea€™re actually going to create the main fire effect on the original text layer, saving the copy for later. To create the flames for our fire text effect, wea€™ll be using a few of Photoshopa€™s filters, and the first one wea€™ll be using a€“ the Wind filter a€“ only works from left to right (or right to left), which means that in order to use it, wea€™ll need to rotate our image.
This brings up the Wind filter dialog box, which consists of a preview area in the top left and a few options below it.
The streaks are too small and subtle after applying the Wind filter once, so leta€™s re-apply it a couple of times.
Wea€™re done with the Wind filter, so leta€™s rotate our image back to the way it was originally. We need to soften the streaks up a little bit by applying a small amount of blurring to them. Click OK when youa€™re done to exit out of the dialog box and Photoshop applies the blurring effect. If you look at the text layer in the Layers palette, youa€™ll see a preview thumbnail to the left of the layera€™s name which shows us a small preview of the contents of the layer. To merge the two layers together, first click on the text layer in the Layers palette to select it. Unfortunately our merged layer, which contains our text, has kept the name a€?Background copya€?. In a moment, wea€™re going to bring our image into Photoshopa€™s Liquify filter, a very powerful (and fun) filter used for warping and twisting pixels. Then, with the Rectangular Marquee Tool selected, simply click and drag a selection around the text, including the white streaks that we created with the Wind filter. Drag a rectangular selection around the text, leaving extra room at the top for the flames. This brings up Photoshopa€™s massive Liquify filter dialog box, which consists of some tools along the left, a very large preview area in the center, and a lot of potentially confusing options on the right. Next, over on the right of the dialog box, youa€™ll see a section called Tool Options, and the very first option in this section is Brush Size. Go back over to the Brush Size option on the right of the dialog box and choose a much smaller brush size. This time, click directly inside the letters and drag your mouse upward to create the shapes of little flames shooting out from them. Click inside the letters and drag upward to create small flames shooting out of the letters.
Once again, click directly inside the letters and drag upward, this time creating larger flames. Go up to the Blend Mode option in the top left corner of the Layers palette (ita€™s the drop-down box that by default is set to a€?Normala€?).

This brings up Photoshopa€™s Layer Style dialog box set to the Gradient Overlay options in the middle column. When the Color Picker appears, choose a bright orange color which will appear at the top of our letters. At this point, the only dialog box open on your screen should be the Layer Style dialog box. We could stop here if we wanted to, but right now, it looks like text sitting in front of flames.
At the moment, it looks like our text and the flames are two separate things (which of course they are).
To remove some of the sharp edges from the text, wea€™ll need to paint over them on the layer mask with black, which means we need to set our Foreground color to black. With the layer mask and Brush Tool selected and black as our Foreground color, use a small, soft edge brush to paint away some of the sharp edges of the letters, especially along the tops but also in different areas along the bottom and in the middle. If you make a mistake, press the letter X on your keyboard to swap the Foreground and Background colors, making white your Foreground color. The letters themselves now appear to be on fire after blending the flames with the text edges. If you notice the same problem Ia€™m seeing, where the very bottom of the text appears to be slightly higher than the flames, creating an orange outline around the bottom of the letters, simply press the letter V on your keyboard to quickly select the Move Tool, then press the down arrow key on your keyboard once or twice to nudge the text down until the letters and the flames line up. In this Photoshop text effects tutorial, wea€™re going to learn how to create a fire text effect, engulfing our letters in burning hot flames.
To quickly set your text color to white, press the letter D on your keyboard, which resets Photoshopa€™s Foreground and Background colors to their defaults, making your Foreground color black and your Background color white, as we can see by looking at the Foreground and Background color swatches near the bottom of the Tools palette. Changing one also changes the other, which means that in order to change our text color to white, all we need to do is change the Foreground color to white. To resize the text, hold down your Shift key, which will maintain the aspect ratio of the text as you resize it, then click on any of the corner handles (the little squares) and drag it inward or outward depending on whether you need to make the text smaller or larger.
To continue on with the next steps in our fire effect, wea€™ll need to convert our text into pixels, which in Photoshop is known as rasterizing the text. In fact, we dona€™t even need to see the copy for the moment, so click on the small eyeball icon (officially known as the layer visibility icon) on the far left of the layer in the Layers palette. Ita€™s not a huge problem but it could make things confusing for us, so leta€™s rename the layer. This is where we can change the size of the brush wea€™re using, and ita€™s the only option we need for this effect. Click inside the streaks at different spots and drag your mouse a short distance either left or right to gently warp the streaks and give them some subtle, random curves. You can drag straight up for some of the flames, but for others, try to drag on more of an angle to add more variety. Just as we did with the smaller flames, try to add some variety by dragging upward at different angles and wiggling your brush to bend and twist the shapes. Wea€™ll finish off our effect by working on the text copy layer that we created way back at the beginning of the tutorial. It looks like the text is sitting it front in our document and the flames are burning away behind it. Make sure you have the layer mask selected in the Layers palette (the layer mask thumbnail should have a white highlight border around it. The easiest way to resize your brush is with the left and right bracket keys (the [ and ] keys to the right of the letter P on the keyboard). Paint with white over the mistake, the press X to swap the colors again and continue painting away the edges. Wea€™ll be using Photoshopa€™s powerful Liquify filter for most of the work on the flames themselves, but wea€™ll also be taking a look at the Wind filter, using adjustment layers to colorize the flames, layer styles for adding color to our text, layer masks for blending the flames with the letters, and more!
This fire effect tends to work best with serif fonts, so Ia€™m going to choose Times New Roman Bold.

At the moment, our Background color is set to white, with our Foreground color set to black, exactly the opposite of what we need.
To move the text, click anywhere inside the Free Transform box and drag the text to a new location.
Make sure you have everything spelled correctly before you proceed, since the text will no longer be editable once wea€™ve rasterized it.
That checkerboard pattern is how Photoshop represents transparency, which means that our text is currently surrounded by nothing but transparency. Depending on the size and complexity of the image youa€™re working on, the Liquify filter can, on occasion, slow your computer down to a crawl, especially if youa€™re working on an older system. Just click, drag a short distance and release your mouse button, then click and drag again in a different area.
Wiggling your mouse a little as you drag upward will also help create more interesting looking flames.
Before we can work on it though, wea€™ll need to turn it back on since ita€™s currently hidden from view. Youa€™ll see a thin horizontal bar showing a preview of the current gradient colors, with a small color stop directly below it on each end. Make sure the Style option is set to Linear and that the Align with Layer option is selected.
Thata€™s fine if thata€™s the effect you want, but what I want is for it to look more like the letters themselves are on fire, which means we need a way to blend the text and the flames together. Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. To swap them, making white the Foreground color, simply press the letter X on your keyboard.
Ia€™m going to make my text larger and move it into the bottom center of my document, which is where youa€™ll want to move your text as well. Ia€™m going to press the keyboard shortcut twice to apply the Wind filter two more times to the text. In our case here, wea€™re not working with anything terribly complex so we shouldna€™t run into any problems, but one way to limit how much work Photoshop has to do is to limit how much of the image actually opens inside the Liquify filter. The reason it looks like the text and the flames are separate is because we can clearly make out the sharp edges of the letters in front of the flames.
Press the letter D on your keyboard to quickly set your Foreground and Background colors to their defaults. To do that, wea€™ll merge the text layer with the copy of the Background layer we just created. This can be a bit confusing, but when you have a layer mask selected, the default Foreground and Background colors are actually the opposite of what they are normally (see Step 5). To soften the brush edges, hold down your Shift key and press the left bracket key a few times.
When youa€™re done with the tops of the letters, do the same thing with the bottom of the letters, as well as any other areas that look like they could use some flames shooting out of them.
Your Foreground color will become white and your Background color will become black (if theya€™re not already). Dona€™t spend too much time thinking about where your next flame should go, since fire should look random and chaotic, not planned and controlled.
Learn tips and tricks on how to use Photoshop for photo editing, manipulations, designs, and more.

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