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The following tips are going to really help you get more dates and a lot less rejections every time you ask a girl out. Even if your going to only go out for drinks some guys still want to tell her in advance, as if it were a contract.
For example, I met this girl Susan during a time when I just started a new job and was really busy. The good part is I never really made a formal invitation, so I never really got rejected, she only said, I can’t make it. Then a few weeks later I was going out and I sent her a text that I’m going to this barbecue party. Asking her out in a casual way lets you send out many invitations to as many girls as you want.

You don’t know, nor can you know what state of mind a girl is in when she pulls out her phone to read your text message to go out. She could of just got done getting yelled at by her boss, or she just finished talking to her ex boyfriend who tells her he is thinking about getting back with her.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you set up a formal date your really limiting yourself and most likely stopping yourself from meeting up with her. But I kept in touch with her, so after about a month or so when I wasn’t so busy I would randomly invite her out to parties I was going to. This is a formal invitation, where you call her up and arrange a date a couple of days ahead of time.

But if you have only been out once or twice then putting in that kind of effort will show her you are needy, and you don’t want that. You make these big plans about the day, and time, when your going to pick her up and where your going to go. I kept texting her different invitations even though I wasn’t getting and positive replies.

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