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Not many people handle texting issues that way, especially with someone they just met and don’t know very well. Most ViewedTagsWhy Women Disappear After Acting Very Interested Are You Guilty of This Beta Texting Behavior With Women? We engage in some kind of discussion or banter with someone we met through texting, and before we know it, an innocent comment or a joke that we texed or received appears to be misinterpreted by the other side and they take offense to it.

When you do this – when you break the texting limbo by calling, it says all the right things about you, whether you are a guy or a woman.
This is good news for you, as this is yet another opportunity for you to stand out as someone who is different and who knows better. You are not passive aggressive and you don’t let little misunderstanding or leaps of logic turn into an argument or a fight for no reason.

These qualities are critical to having a successful dating life or maintaining a quality long-term relationship, and if the texting issue arises between you and someone you just recently met, you are showing these good qualities very early by calling them and diffusing the tension with your voice rather than key strokes.

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