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Us ladies often hold back, but when we don't this action speaks (and smells) louder than words. Quite common in long term relationship, this is just her way of validating the level intimacy you've reached.
Just because she's farting doesn't mean she loves you, it just means that she's comfortable around you. When a girl farts it can say a lot about what she's thinking, but don't assume every rip means the same thing. If you're relationship is undefined, than this is likely a platonic gesture that says, "Let's be buds." So don't make a move (if you still want to) unless you want to lose a friend and look like you have a flatulence fetish.

Though we can't always do it on command, having a stomach full of gas in an uncomfortable situation can feel like a blessing (in disgusting disguise).
Whether it's instincts or just her luck, if she's farting it might be because she wants you to back off.

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