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They describe what jealousy is, and what positive aspects you should keep in mind instead of developing a feeling of jealousy and burn your own heart. If you are beautiful and grasp everyone’s attention, some of your fellows will certainly be jealous. If you are in a relationship and some third person starts interrupting and show extra affection towards your partner, it makes you frown.

Some times this unpleasant and undesirable emotion motivates you towards achieving some position in your life.
People who get jealous of others success tend to work hard in competition with them and can excel in the race. In this way jealousy leads you to a better place and it is a positive aspect of this feeling. If you are jealous of some one’s good qualities, then you would like to develop some of those in yourself.

Some people are over possessive about their relationships so they get jealous for no obvious reason, this might be due to their sensitivity and such people want only themselves to be the center of attention and importance.

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