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Season 2 of The CW drama series The 100 answered a lot of questions, about both the world and the characters, but it also raised a whole set of new ones.
During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, showrunner Jason Rothenberg talked about that cliff-hanger ending and whether he wrote it before he knew the show would be getting another season, how soon the story might pick up in Season 3, finally getting a glimpse into how the world ended, the surprising result of the search for the City of Light, where Jaha (Isaiah Washington) will go next, what all of this means for Clarke (Eliza Taylor), and whether there can really be any good guys in a world where you’re always fighting to survive.
I don’t think anybody remotely expected this search that Jaha has been on to have ended up the way it did. Did you ever hesitate, at all, in the decision to have Clarke end the lives of almost everyone at Mount Weather? ROTHENBERG: Lexa’s betrayal of Clarke, at the 11th hour, is going to have huge ramifications in Season 3. There’s been a lot of talk of good guys and bad guys on the show, especially in the last couple of episodes. The most important stroke you make for your cake is that first one… the one that sets the curve for the top layer of the cake. Speaking of the icing, I’m a gal who likes the old-fashioned look of an upper layer of icing falling down the sides of the cake. Jeannel King is a Graphic Facilitator, Stick Figure Strategist ®, coffee drinker & a Past President of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners. About Big Picture SolutionsAt Big Picture Solutions, we help leading organizations bring ideas to market faster.
Urbasm: True, and what do you think most guys underestimate about spending time with a successful women?
Laci Kay Somers: My ideal Prince Charming would be very down to earth and funny, someone who is head over heels in love with me and constantly giving me attention. Urbasm: Which reminds us, as a personal trainer, we were curious what your workout routine was looking like these days? Laci Kay Somers: To be honest, it is key to switch things up constantly so your body does not plateau. Urbasm: Based on your experience, what do you think that a lot of guys get wrong at the gym? Laci Kay Somers: I would say most men just want to get big so they lift heavy and improper form, which can lead to Injury and or the muscles not forming properly. Urbasm: And finally, what are the three things that every man should know, according to you—to make us all better men? Characters were pushed to make drastic and tragic decisions, while others were faced with all new possibilities. Did you write that knowing about the Season 3 pick-up, or would the season have ended this way, even if you hadn’t had that pick-up yet?

Unlike last season, which felt like we needed to pick right up where we left off, this feels like we don’t need to do that. Did you ever think about not having her do that, or what that necessary for her ultimate journey?
Can there really be any good guys when everyone has their own vision for survival and leadership, and it really is war to survive?
Our visual thinking approach helps diverse thinkers - from engineering to marketing to finance - understand each other's fields, generate insights and crystalize ideas. You have a lot of different talents under your belt, including being a personal trainer, actress, singer and cosmetic nurse.
In other words, what are the worst things that most guys are guilty of when it comes to our workout routine?
I feel that they need to not sacrifice their form for weight and just get used to the rhythm of things first. Two, holding the door open and always complimenting us is a good thing and doesn’t go outta style.
What you do is follow Laci on her amazing Instagram and then check-in with her whenever you need a quick jolt of mojo. He thinks he’s got some higher purpose, looking for the City of Light, which turns out not to be a city but a person of light. But the answer is, of course, I acknowledged the difficulty and darkness of that choice, but ultimately, I embraced it. It is a good thing that for us fans of fitness models, all we have to do is tune-in and enjoy the scenery. There were certainly voices in the room that were concerned about having our protagonist and hero killing innocent women and children and people who’d been helping them.
You can go in trying to do it the right way, but ultimately the right way is to not fight that war, at all.
Improved productivity, from everyone being on the same page … rapid innovation … and actionable plans that all can agree on. But for the right girl, I feel like men will do whatever it takes, including finding their own way of being romantic.
I was getting nothing but positive indications from Mark Pedowitz, and everybody at The CW, all along. Much the way that Clarke finding herself in the white room at Mount Weather, at the end of Season 1 said, “These guys know where they’re going next season.
But, I was pretty adamant and fixed on the fact that that’s the line I wanted Clarke to have to cross.

In this series, and in this episode, Clarke realizes that, in order to get the job done, she’s going to have to become the bad guy. I would just say to be yourself and if you’re not vibing with someone then you wait for that person. I did have one funny conversation with our executive at Warner Bros., where I said, “What do you think? He’s almost got this messianic thing and he’s looking for God, and he finds this God-like entity. Someone who makes you want to be a better person and be romantic – someone who motivates you. Should I be writing a series finale or a season finale?” And she just said, “Write the best story,” so that’s what I did.
There certainly could have been other ways out where we half-assed it and found a way to save the kids and to save Maya. The theme of the season is, if your goal is just, can you go too far in achieving that goal? Is he going to join up with this entity, when she says, “We’ve got work to do,” is that a bad thing or is that a good thing?
Maya and Jasper had a very telling exchanged at the end, right before she dies, where Maya says, “None of us are innocent,” and that’s the truth.
Hopefully, people will connect the dots to the guy on the video as being the guy who created that entity, and that intelligence that results. Clarke does the thing that has to be done to save her people and accomplish the mission that she was so determined to accomplish, but ultimately it breaks her. These are all dots left for people to talk about and try to connect, and we’ll fill in the picture. We wrapped up the Mount Weather story pretty definitively, and we are turning the page to the next chapter with that ending.
So, we answer some questions, and then we ask other bigger, stranger questions that people didn’t even know they were wondering about.

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