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Flyers been used in advertising and marketing for long time, From introducing your product or a place to promote your business or an event, sending a message or adding a special for your clients, flyers are one of the best marketing tools you can use. Injection molding is a method of producing parts with plastic material (thermoplastic and thermosetting resins). Complex geometry and fine features are easily produced, because very high pressures are possible. Cycle times are relatively low, and many parts can be made from a single mold, making extremely high volumes (millions per year) possible.
Rotational molding is a manufacturing process used to produce hollow plastic parts in one piece. In the rotational molding process, heat is used to melt and fuse a plastic resin in a closed mold. Heat penetrates the mold and the resin adheres to the mold's inner surface until it is completely fused.

Excellent solution for producing hollow plastic parts, including complex and varied shapes. Rotomolded parts actually have their thickest wall sections in outside corners where durability is often critical.
The number of materials available for rotational molding are limited in comparison to other processes. The process is not suitable for large production runs of smaller parts - for smaller parts, blow molding may be more competitive. Loading of molds and unloading of parts is labor intensive by comparison to other processes, especially for complex parts. As a result, many other operations, such as machining, forging, and welding, can be minimized or eliminated.
Objects may be cast in a single piece which would otherwise require assembly of several pieces if made by other methods.

Cast components are usually stable, rigid, and strong compared with parts made by other processes. All MSH supplied casters are high quality, industrial casters with interchangeable, industry standard, a€?Aa€? plates. If you are design your own flyer or use a professional to design it for you ( We gladly do it for you ) make sure it is eye catching and contain all the info and the message you need to send to your potential clients. This is a reverse image of the part desired and can be compared to the familiar "Jell-O®" mold.

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