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I'm talking about the renaissance of people doing business with people a€” instead of giant companies a€” a movement facilitated by an ever-growing array of marketplaces and apps. The "sharing economy" a€” with the help of websites and apps a€” is displacing some of those corporations and getting us back to our roots. Blogging can be a great way to spend your time: you get to write about things you love or that are interesting to you, people stop by and read them or even comment on them and if youre lucky, your readership grows and you become popular. Hello students now you need to stop wasting your time on social networking websites because it is the time to earn easy money online. By Tracie Knight The art of gifting is a very special one that only very few gift givers have perfected.

When decorating a room the one thing that comes to mind is what color I should paint the walls or should I wallpaper the walls?
Need money to fill your car with petrol to get to work or simply fancy a last minute getaway? There are a number of cashback sites out there such as Quidco and Topcashback which are both free to use where you receive cashback with every purchase whether it be 0.5% or 10%. The premise is we have underutilized assets in our lives, and we can sell or rent those assets to our neighbors in win-win transactions.
If you've searched for quick ways to make money fast then I'm guessing that you're low on funds and pay day is still some while away.

It's always handy to use especially when you're making a big purchase such as a new fridge or sofa or even to use around Christmas on all your gift purchases. While not the heyday of a few years ago where almost anything seemed to work, the advantages now are the wide range of money-making opportunities available to the blogger.

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