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There is a paradox going on these days, talking about how you can spend less and actually have more than before. Not only can you be environmental friendly, but by switching to bike you actually start to spend less and have more.
One of the best ways to spend less and have more is by taking up the idea of gardening – whether talking about vegetables or fruits, these two are ought to providing you with the proiteins needed to start your day totally energetic!
Another smarty way to make clever spendings consists in making lists of the products you need at stick to them as much as possible. If you haven’t noticed, the cat trees you available at your local pet store are expensive and, for the most part, not really attractive. Learn how make this cool cat tree out of a natural limb in this YouTube video by Pixelista.
This creative gentlemen used Ikea parts to build his cat a fun and modern cat tree that looks like it could be a piece of art. This fun cat tree is perfect for those who like geometric shapes and lines in their decorating.

Another tree that uses natural wood (it just looks so nice and it’s perfect for kitty’s claws), this tree has platforms added to it, unlike the other ones. If you want to give your kitty a place to perch but keep your minimalist look, these cat shelves made from Ikea parts are sleek, elegant, and practical. 6kshares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Pin to Pinterest Share on StumbleUpon+What's This?
Whether we are looking at its literally meaning or somewhere deeper, the truth lies in the strategy we use to plan and distribute our money.
A bike is around $100-$500, quite affordable in comparison with a car or another vehicle that needs as well fuel (that also requires money). In addition, you get to spend less than $100 on some products you get to spend on more than $2000 per year! If you do not start wasting money on unnecessary things, you will spend less on them and have more! Made with cheap carpet in boring colors and designs, they are not caught up with modern cat owners.

These bookshelf clip-ons from Franklin Cat Furniture turns an unused bookshelf in to a cat play structure without too much work! In this case, if you wish to find more concerning the subject, make sure to keep an eye onto the following lines below to discover the secret that lies behind this real paradox! These being said, a bike is a totally perfect deal when thinking about saving money in a clever way. You might wonder how you can have more by that – the strategy is quite simple, since you get to know how to manage and deal with little but cover all of your expenses!

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