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John Wanamaker (American merchant, religious leader, civic and political figure) on occasion had the following to say on marketing and the placement of advertisement: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don`t know which half”. Testing – apply a marketing element, evaluate the outcome and decide if and how you wish to continue with the application of the specific element, given the results. Measurement – it sounds obvious, but most business owners fall into the trap by not making sure that some sort of measurement is indeed possible, before deciding to apply a specific marketing element. The following marketing elements may be applied as direct response opportunities; that is, the roll-out could be structured in such a way that client response is monitored continuously and on-going adjustments may be implemented to improve the impact and outcomes. The crux of the matter is to decide in advance on the measurement method for a marketing element and to put in place a record-keeping system in conjunction thereto. Your ‘point-of-sales’ staff members may make a valuable contribution in obtaining insight from clients. Use the feedback obtained from the measurement activities to decide whether you should use more or less of something, try something completely different, or make adjustments to obtain better results from your marketing activities.
Write articles, guides, reports and book on subjects relating to your services and send them to your clients, prospects and the local media.

Track the response to your marketing so you can do more of what is working and eliminate measures that don’t bring a good return on your investment. Next week add one more, in 1o weeks you’ll have your marketing kicked-up to a much higher level and your pipeline filling up with higher quality sales leads. This entry was posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2012 at 2:07 pm and is filed under advertising, business, direct marketing, information, knowledge, learn, learning, marketing, marketing plan, planning, sales, sales training, Salesmanship, sandy barris, target marketing, USP.
We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind. It is against the background of just this statement that it is of vital importance for business owners to make well-considered decisions when having to decide on marketing.
The aim is to improve the RoI with every test, measured against a benchmark for that specific element.
Make a point of asking the client where he or she found out about the business every time you service a client.
Don’t waste your money by advertising on mass media that targets anyone who is reading or watching. Many professionals use their marketing budgets on advertising and direct response marketing that takes time to work, but they’ll only run the ad once or mail the marketing piece once or maybe twice. If money is in short supply, try sending press releases, write articles, or volunteer to speak.
One of best ways to create buzz is to wow your customers and turn them into ambassadors for you.
There are too many ways these days to identify media that target your ideal customer, you know the ones I am talking about, they are the 20 percent of your customers that make up 80 percent of your profits. Most people need to see your message a number of times before they are ready to act, so concentrate on strategies that let them gradually get to know your business. Then speak your ideas into a smart phone or digital recorder when you have down time, or driving, and then have them transcribed, edited and created into a distributable document.

You also should ask current customers for referrals.  Start a website and blog to build a list. You can also take the risk out of doing business with you by providing guarantees and warranties.
Test your marketing materials to determine if they are effective in bringing your qualified sales leads. Your website & blog may cost you money, but it will open up many lower cost ways for you provide information to prospects about your products and services. Make sure your marketing messages are full of the benefits, reasons why and proof you will deliver to them what you promise.
You can join industry associations where you can network with prospects or sponsor a sports team in the community where your business is located.
Get your company name and product or service on something that people will keep or create a giveaway with another company if you cannot afford it alone.
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