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Last month a story in the Wall Street Journal article sent a shudder down our collective parental spine. Of all the ways that kids can run into trouble online, on their smartphones and in their gaming adventures, malware is a big concern. Obviously the safest thing you can do is to keep your kids offline, but the likelihood of that ranks right up there with achieving universal peace. When it comes to the other obsessions common among todaya€™s children, you are looking at a Gatling gun of scams that could get you.
Todaya€™s fan activity, whether for Justin Bieber or authors like John Green or the latest hot YouTuber, make an early Beatles concert seem like a night at the opera.
Few kids can be accused of circumspection, and add a teen or tween idol to the mix and you can forget anything resembling common sense.
Consider at the very least setting up a separate user on your machines so that your post-childbot Internet experience is not flooded with advertisements for the likes of Ansel Elgort and Everquest.2. Who among the gamers in your life doesna€™t want extras and access to areas hitherto unexplored? As with all things exciting and OMG-ish online, if youa€™re not sure about an offer, check it out on an official website. Tens of millions of teens are obsessed with Instagram, and, make no mistake, they arena€™t just looking at the pictures their friends post. As with all kid-based activity onlinea€”or, in fact, all online behaviora€”ita€™s more important than ever to monitor what you and your children click, and give great thought to the kinds of behavior that can (and will) get the whole family in trouble. Malware comes in all shapes and sizes, including programs that will track your keystrokes so they can access your financial accounts and personal information to steal your identity. You can get your credit reports for free once a year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. US scientists have discovered an internal clock in our DNA that could measure the biological age of organs or cancer cells while helping researchers discover ways to slow down the aging process.
The internal mechanism shows that different parts of our body age faster or slower,A according to a study published in the Genome Biology journalA on Monday.
TheA a€?epigenetic clock,”A discovered by UCLA professor of human genetics Steve Horvath and his team, has revealed that the age of diseased tissues are much older than healthy tissues in the body.
It found that womena€™s breast tissue ages faster than other tissues, which could explain why breast cancer is very common among women. Horvath also developed the DNA Methylation Age Calculator, a software program that predicts the DNAm age of tissue. As part of his research, Horvath studied nearly 8,000 samples of 51 different healthy and cancerous cells and tissues. Based on the changes that were observed in those tissues, the scientist was able to identify 353 DNA markers from 51 cell types that change as people age. The study also shows that the biological clock was reset to zero when cells were plucked from an adult and reprogrammed back to a stem-cell-like state. The process for converting adult cells into stem cells which can grow into any tissue won the Nobel Prize in 2012. I wasn’t so much interested in the braids (because I knew corn rows hurt and I hated sitting still to have my hair done anyway) but I would have given my most prized possession (a book, surely) to have had the chance to have my hair braided and beaded like the little girls I would see playing outside.
I, too, wanted to have hair that separated and swung with translucent colors with tiny bits of tin foil on the edge of each teeny weeny braid.

When you braid your child’s hair, you are participating in a social activity that spans back to the earliest days of society. Braids are thought to have originated in East Africa, the oldest evidence of braids are a stone carving featuring a woman with braided hair found near the Nile river.
Certain tribes believe that loose hair should only be worn during mourning and that un-braided hair is seen to be in poor taste. Braiding is a social activity that bonds older women to young children as elder braids hair using techniques that took time to master and styles thatA have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of the braid patterns used in braid styles have roots (!) spanning back across the continent to specific tribes. Braiding is considered an act of fashion, history, and as a gesture of care given from one person to another. Check out BB&W Kids, the first major website celebrating multiracial, multicultural and inter religious families! Les partisans du burkini defendent-ils, au nom de la tolerance qu'ils invoquent, le port du string sur les plages saoudiennes?
TRAVAIL - On s'en doutait, l'annee 2013 n'augure rien de bon pour l'emploi des jeunes en France. They seem to go bigger and bigger every time she shows up in public, but that’s just her looking gorgeous as always.
While the media wonders what is happening with her lips, people started using many ways to get that same result.
Well, their lips got pumped up, but the result is not quite as the one that they were looking for. We mom's know there is a lot of mommy guilt that happens over the eating habits of our kids!
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The trenda€”whether or not Google opens the door to kidsa€”is for the wee ones among us to be in contact with the outside world in a cyber way without much supervision. The malicious code children collect on their way to something youa€™ve never heard of can hijack your computer for all kinds of purposes. Well, as this recent scam targeting user credentials shows, scammers know that all too well. The extra time you spend doing due diligence pre-click could well save you a tremendous amount of time and anguish post-click.3. There are legions of fan accounts, celebrity accounts, spoofed celebrity accounts and off-color humor accounts (that you dona€™t know about and would prefer not to know about). Since you sometimes wona€™t know youa€™ve been hit with identity theft a€“ whether by hacking or any other means a€“ until ita€™s too late, vigilance is key to protecting yourself. Monitoring your credit scores can alert you to possible identity theft if you see a big, unexpected change. His experience as former director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs gives him unique insight into consumer privacy, legislation and financial advocacy.
It was discovered that cancerous breast tissue is on average 36 years older than other tissue.

He used methylation, a process that chemically modifies DNA and causes it to change over time. This could be used as a biological clock, spinning faster in the years up to around age 20, then slowing down. The method was discovered by Cambridge Universitya€™s Sir John Gurdon and Kyoto Universitya€™s Shinya Yamanaka.
I wasn’t satisfied but was powerless when it came to obtaining a head full of history and culture.
I may not have had the chance to pick out my packs of color coordinated beads and dedicate several hours to sitting still but I can appreciate the beauty of this hairstyle taken directly from our African sisters across the continent. When you braid hair, or get your own hair braided, you are showing love and passing on a little bit of our shared history. The more intricate the hair, the higher up the social ladder you live, think who has time to sit and do all dat dam braiding besides a person of means? Despite the negativity about black women dating out or being a€?unwanted,a€? there are men of all races who think we are divine. Maigre consolation, en Grande-Bretagne ou aux Etats-Unis, la situation n'est pas franchement meilleure. This is a great post with lots of ideas on ways to get them to not only eat better but enjoy it! We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind. While the company will restrict this kinga€™s ransom of new clicks to kid-friendly content, hackers could well have a field day.
Munchkins, no matter how smart, can have little or no real understanding of the threats that abound. You can counsel children not to click on suspicious emails and weird-looking websites, but they may not always be able to resist the ones that tout their most dire enthusiasms, and thata€™s where youa€™re most likely to get got.
Hence, their fan-fired Internet behavior becomes yours, and doubtless if therea€™s something a€?newa€? or a€?rada€? about the object of their obsession, they will clicka€”and you will pay. That means checking your bank and credit statements regularly for transactions that arena€™t yours a€“ and reporting them ASAP to your financial institution. Check your credit reports several times a year for signs of fraud (new accounts or old debts that you dona€™t recognize). Therea€™s malware that looks OK to your anti-virus program, but is actually recording every keystroke, most particularly when you log into your bank account.
De l'autre, Adam Pacitti, un chomeur britannique de 24 ans a fait parler de lui grace a une initiative pour le moins originale.
Never mind that their tactics are illegal, and are a fast track to stolen funds, not quick cash.

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