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This should be your primary commandment and you should keep in mind that come what may, you will not be losing money. Invest in yourself as much as you can and you will see that you will get the highest returns out of investing in yourself. After all, the world runs on money and the knowledge of money is obviously going to take you places.
He is the co-founder here at RandomStory and have founded several other interesting blogs.
From GoT jokes to GoT memes, everything has been doing the rounds of the internet since the series went on air.

Always keen to be part of interesting projects and has been creating profitable websites for over 6 years. In fact, he has been known to make the best of profits through investments and is one of the richest men in the world. Since you will now know the kind of investment you are making and what the possibilities of you losing all your money are, you can definitely find a way to invest wisely so that the risks are more or less irrelevant. Moreover, credit cards come with very high interest rates and hence, it isn’t wise to use them.
The show has millions and millions of fans and thus, these parodies are bound to make way into the hearts of those fans.

Anyone who is new to the field of investments can definitely look up to the example of Warren Buffet. The only way you will lose it is if something like the partition of India happens again, even then there are chances you won’t.

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