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When looming deadlines and last-minute projects have you feeling frazzled, taking a snooze might be your best bet. Sleep deprivation impacts the region associated with happy memories, leaving you with just the gloom and doom.
If there’s one thing I’m sure all women have in their closet regardless of their age, job and personal sense of style, it’s jeans.
Sexy and flirty – for all the girly girls out there, this is one outfit idea I’m sure you’re gonna love! Cool street style summer look – for a cool street style summer look, wear your high waisted jeans with a crop top. Height boost – if you think high waisted jeans are meant to be worn only by tall girls, you’re wrong! Casual and ordinary – if you’re not the type who likes to experiment with different looks a lot or if you simply want a foolproof way to wear your high waisted jeans without committing a fashion blunder, the safest way to go is to create a look that’s casual and ordinary.
With more than 270 million active users and 500 million tweets, it has become a great platform to engage with your customers and prospects. Before starting any activity, you need to understand how twitter is advantageous to your business. Building relationships and trusty will garner a reputation of your brand, drive traffic to your store and upsurge sales. It is a digital platform you cannot physically observe the personality of your customer so you need to understand them in a very different manner. Observe what they tweet, handles where they often shop and what conversation are help on their handle. There are tools to find out who are the influencers and prospect followers, one such tool is followerwonk which helps you to analyse who can be your followers and where they are located. To make sales, you need to establish trust, and this will happen when you will hone your brand. 140 characters are not enough to provide all the details hence you can attach images with the tweet or you can use twitter cards which allows you to attach images and videos or you can also use a link that redirects to the landing page of your website.
Vodafone india pinned the tweet stating that now you can enjoy HD Voice calls with Vodafone Supernet with a hashtag #BeSuper a video and a link that directs to the site. Tweetdeck is another tool that consists series of columns which displays timeline, activity, messages, lists, trends, and search results.
Find out the topic that are currently trending, share those tweets with your customized hashtag. Contest are an amazing activity that engages more followers, existing customers and new ones. Such contests engage more followers and people who seem to be interested in your niche, it builds your reputation, increase the sales and followers.
Everybody gets busy once in a while, but if you disappear from the picture for far too long then it may cost you your biggest asset, your followers, they may forget you after a while.

Charity water is an NGO that works to reduce the water crisis and delivers clean water across the world, it has invited top internet influencers like Jay Baer and Gary Vaynerchuk who tweeted about this initiative and exceptionally they work.
Feedback is also very important, if you receive positive feedback then acknowledge it with a retweet or revert.
For say, Vodafone service quickly reverts to the complaints tweeted by the dissatisfied users.
It’s important to analyse the site’s traffic before you devote your time in developing a strategy. Google analytics is a tool that calculates the traffic that drove into your site through various social platforms. Twitter provides you to build an image for your business and relationship with current consumers and engage new ones. There are lots of factors that can make you negative at your work, but here are 18 ways to be positive at work.
Mayo Clinic said the hormone associated with this feeling, cortisol, alters the way the body functions. You’ve probably noticed in your everyday life that you tend to be happier when you’re more rested.
Crop tops are all the rage these days and they’re perfect for summer because they’re so light and breezy and they’re super easy to wear as well. In fact, it’s the petite ladies who should be wearing this style of jeans more often because high waisted jeans have an elongating effect that makes your legs look longer and you taller in general.
Just wear your high waisted jeans with a simple shirt or whatever top that you would usually wear with regular jeans. Without investing too much time or money, it allows businesses to monitor the target audience so that you can easily drive traffic to your e-commerce store.
It becomes very challenging to engage people through appropriate and effective tweets consisting of 140 characters or less. If you leverage the platform then you can convert prospects easily and it can turn out to be chief revenue generation channel. Here are the basics to turn twitter into an effective platform to boost sales and drive more traffic. While launching their new phone Canvas amaze 2 they couldn’t describe all the details in a tweet hence they attached a picture of the remaining details.
The consumers do not want to be misled, if they find they were deceived then it can hamper your reputation.
Reply to those unanswered tweets on their profile and let the people know that you have better options. Mention your twitter handle into all your social networking profiles and urge them to have a conservation. Create a hashtag and engage people by asking them questions or you can also involve them to ask questions to you.

There are various types of twitter cards like summary card, app card, lead generation card etc. Hootsuite is another tool where you can manage all your social networks from one dashboard.
Don’t hope for follow backs and keep informing them about your products and aids you’re offering them.
Once you understand the basics, you can end up with increased sales and more traffic to your website. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. That can be critical in a fight-or-flight situation where certain nonessential functions would otherwise slow you down. Time revealed that when we’re exhausted, it’s much easier for us to process unpleasant thoughts than happy thoughts.
Wearing high waisted pants with your crop top is also a great way to not show off as much skin as you would if you were wearing regular low- or mid – rise jeans. To get the most out of this height boosting benefit, make sure you wear your high waisted jeans with heels or wedges all the time. It may be plain and simple but the high waisted jeans will give your outfit an instant oomph. The potential consumer can be aware of the product by these influencers and is likely to visit your profile.
When that stressed feeling persists for too long, you’re at risk for scores of health complications. The article references NurtureShock, which explained negative thoughts are processed in a different part of the brain than happy ones. It’s a great outfit idea for those who aren’t fully confident about baring their midriffs out in public but would still like to wear a crop top. I love this look for parties and date nights but you can definitely wear it during the day as well, especially during summer!
Add a light cardigan on top if you think this outfit is ‘too fun’ for daytime and take it off at night when you’re ready to hit the club! From the plain and simple regular jeans, you now have pairs that come in all colors, prints, patterns and styles.
If you have a pair of high waisted jeans sitting in your closet, check out these ideas on ways to wear high waisted jeans and rock yours with confidence!

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