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Team Alpha Male fighter and Invicta FC’s Veronica Rothenhausler has decided to call it quits. After suffering 5 concussions, including 2 in two weeks and one in her latest fight, which took place on September, Rothenhausler has made the decision to step away from the sport. RE0, released in 2002, starred Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, a rookie medic and a convicted felon.
RE1, released in 1996, starred Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, with supporting characters Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker. RE2, released in 1998, starred rookie cop Leon Scott Kennedy and Chris’s little sister Claire Redfield, with supporting roles of Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong. Code Veronica, released in 2000, starred Claire Redfield and later Chris Redfield, with the help of Steve Burnside.
RE4, released in 2004, features Leon as he fights to save the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham.
Revelations, released in 2012, stars both Chris and Jill, with an array of new characters- Jessica, Parker, O’Brien, Lansdale, Raymond, Keith, and Quint. RE6, released in 2012, brought back stars Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Sherry Birkin, and introduced Piers Nivans, Jake Muller, and Helena Harper.

Alpha Team is attacked in the forest looking for Bravo Team, and they flee into a mansion, discovering the truth about Umbrella, Wesker, and the T-Virus. Claire is captured and put on an Umbrella’s prison island and fights Alfred Ashford to escape with Steve. He occasionally teams up with Luis Sera and Ada Wong, and fights against Salazer, Mendez, and Saddler. Jill is searching for Chris on a ship but falls into a trap, while Chris heads out after her. In 2012, Edonia is attacked and Chris’s team is sent in, while Jake and Sherry escape from Ustanak, sent after Jake. He discovers his old partner, Krauser, is still alive and working with Saddler, and finally rescues Ashley and brings her home. Teaming up with Carlos, she is infected by Nemesis but Carlos cures her, and they escape the city minutes before the nuke hits.
Chris arrives on the island after it is destroyed and finds out Wesker is still alive, and rushes after Claire.
After defeating Irving, they enter ruins and discover Excella Gionne and Wesker, working with a brainwashed Jill.

At the same time, Chris and Piers meet Carla Radames, Ada Wong’s clone, and are led into a trap, killing everyone but them.
Once she is saved, Chris fights Alexia, Steve mutates and dies, and Alexia is finally destroyed.
Jill is freed, and Chris and Sheva defeat a mutated Excella and Wesker, preventing them from unleashing Uroboros. Leon, Helena, and Ada head to China, where Jake and Sherry escape their imprisonment and Chris and Piers are sent in. Jake learns the truth about his father and they try to save him to make a vaccine, while Leon, Helena, and Ada try to put an end to Simmons. At the end of it all, Piers loses his arm and infects himself, sacrificing himself to save Chris.

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