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Verizon Wireless is now selling the 2016 edition of the Samsung Galaxy J3 for $109.99 if customers sign up for one of the carrier's pre-paid plans. Verizon has stopped selling Android tablets at subsidized prices, and now only offers them at full retail pricing. Yep, just checked my pockets and I'm all out of stuff in regards to vzw and their share everything plans.
Before we get into your options, it’s probably best to give you a little explanation of what prepaid is. Chances are that many of you are switching over to prepaid because you are buying the Nexus 5. If you are looking for a prepaid plan from one of the big carriers, look no further than T-Mobile’s plans. So T-Mo has plans ranging (listed above) from $30 up to $70 per month, with varying amounts of high-speed data. The biggest problem with Aio has to do with a speed cap before you ever get to those pre-set data amounts. As I mentioned above, I’ve been dedicated to Aio for some time, but will likely cancel that line and switch over to Straight Talk now that my testing of all these prepaid services is over with.
A month or so ago, T-Mobile and Target teamed up to announce a new prepaid service called Brightspot.
But in terms of service for $49, I had no problems in the four or five months I used it outside of T-Mobile’s coverage. As our long-time friend Taylor Wimberly has pointed out in the comments, MetroPCS is another option for those of you who are good with T-Mobile service. In the other shots, you’ll see the Aio 8Mbps download cap was definitely in effect, while Straight Talk managed a much more respectable 24Mbps download speed. Phone number transferring:  If you are going from Verizon to a prepaid plan and want to take your number with you, you should be able to during the sign-up process with your prepaid plan of choice. Activation:  With most prepaid services, all you need to do is order a SIM card through the prepaid carrier of choice, wait for it to arrive, and then follow the instructions on how to get it setup and activated. Billing:  Since there are no contracts involved in prepaid service, you can decide if you want to manually pay each month or setup an auto-pay.
And last, I know there are probably more prepaid options out there, but these are the big dogs, many of which I have tested for a few months at a time. Kind of sad and expected to see Verizon digging itself in this giant hole with all of its lock downs and extremities. I have spent 6-7 hours over the last 8 days trying to get my new Nexus 5 to work on the $30 T-Mobile plan.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
Sprint has stated that the plan is not to reduce coverage areas, but instead to reduce tower overlapping-literally thinning its towers. Sprint has set up a handy little site—linked below—that that allows you to search for your area, find out what is happening, and when. What we do know is that work is set to start in New Orleans, LA right after the end of Mardi Gras. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Previously Verizon would offer subsidized prices when signing a data plan contract, but with the new share everything plans rolling out, Verizon is selling their tablets at full retail.
Now that the phone is official, we’ve also heard from a number of you who are looking for advice or at least information on a few of the most popular prepaid networks. Post paid essentially means that you have signed a contract for a set number of months or years.
But should you not want the Nexus 5 yet still want to leave your current carrier, you need to start focusing in on phones and which carrier’s networks they are compatible with. With T-Mobile, you get unlimited data with all of their plans, but then they limit you on how much data can be used at full 4G speeds in a billing cycle. Even if you just want to test the waters to see if T-Mobile service will work for you, this is one to consider.

For whatever reason, Google Voice and T-Mobile prepaid aren’t friends, so in order to get your GV voicemail working, you need to call T-Mobile and have them shut off the voicemail on your T-Mobile line.
Should you run into service issues at any time, you’ll also get T-Mobile support, rather than the hit-or-miss support you can run into from an MVNO. Aio is completely up front about this, but you should understand that they limit the LTE download speeds on their plans to 8Mbps. AT&T just introduced them, but there are reports already suggesting they may shut the service down if their Leap Wireless acquisition is successful. In my testing I haven’t run into issues, plus I also saw much faster speeds than I did with Aio and its capped 8Mbps download limit. The value is incredible at $45 per month and without the unusually-throttled speeds that Aio slaps you with.
It was an odd move for T-Mobile since their plans are now technically prepaid, but when you look at the plans compared to T-Mo’s it makes sense. When the Nexus 4 dropped late last year, I went with Solavei because it was super cheap and no one at the time was doing LTE with prepaid. If you plan on testing multiple prepaid carriers, you may want to think about porting your number over to Voice now, so that signing up only means attaching your new numbers from each carrier to a Google Voice number that all of your friends should already have.
That process usually involves entering in the IMEI from your unlocked phone, then inserting your SIM into the phone, and following along online with an activation sequence.
I tend to keep it on manual in case I don’t want to deal with re-upping the service at the end of the month.
For me, the prepaid game boils down to a couple of things – how much full 4G speed data you get per month, whether or not that includes 4G LTE, and whose service I trust the most.
If I were just getting into prepaid, I’d most definitely give that T-Mobile plan a shot for a month to see how coverage was in my most often visited areas.
From what I can tell it looks like the cheapest option especially if you want to add extra lines to your account.
I have been with T-mobile for three years now so I’m used to there service in my area.
Being the most reliable carrier gets you places, but being greedy and conniving in the process only gets you so far. The iDEN network, better known as the network behind Nextel and Boost Mobile’s Push to Talk(PTT) service, has seen significantly reduced usage in recent years and is having the fat trimmed off to make way for Sprint’s “Network Vision.” In other words, Sprint needs money, tower space, and spectrum for its 4G LTE rollout and this is one place that it can get that without paying someone else. So Sprint-Nextel’s iDEN coverage footprint shouldn’t change much, if at all, but customers may start noticing drops in coverage inside buildings and lesser coverage quality everywhere. Once you’ve searched for your area, you will be presented with a shiny tower map interface, with sadly vague details in some cases.
For info on where and when after that, you will have to keep checking back to Sprint’s coverage site and hoping for details before anything happens. It was one of the first seriously thin phones and it had the best specifications, durability, and styling to come out of Motorola in a long time. With the new data plans, you can add a tablet to your shared plan without having to sign a new contract for that device.
Each prepaid carrier has its own quirks, but for the most part, you pay on day 1 for a month of service, and then get to decide after that month ends if you want to pay for another month or walk away. There is nothing wrong with an MVNO, but they typically don’t have the same level of customer service or support as a traditional carrier might. Your best (easiest to find) resource, as odd as this sounds, is to hit up Wikipedia for reference.
They let you sign-up for service without a contract at some of the most reasonable prices you’ll find in the industry. So depending on the plan you go with, you’ll only be given so much high-speed data access.
Like T-Mobile’s plans, all of them offer unlimited talk, text, and data, yet they cap your full 4G speeds at certain data amounts depending on the plan. If you are coming from another carrier and saw 15Mbps and above, this could come as a shock. For $45, you get unlimited talk, text, and data without a contract at up to 2.5GB of full 4G speed per month.

Now that a representative from the company has also given us an idea as to when they throttle you, the service should be on your short list. This is there way to get additional customers in price points and plan options that they don’t currently offer. Oh, and if you are a big Target customer, the $25 Target gift card that you receive every 6 months for sticking with the service is a nice perk. It has received some play over the last couple of years, mostly as the new scam affiliate program for internet get-rich-quick con artists. Also, unlocked phones won’t work with them either (including the Nexus 5), since Verizon operates their 3G over a CDMA network that is all sorts of locked down.
Keep in mind that once you tell them to bring your phone number over, it should cancel your service with your current carrier. Just keep in mind that Google Voice still cannot receive MMS messages (picture messages) and will be folded into Hangouts soon enough. Almost all of the options I listed above are affordable and offer LTE, so for me personally, it came down to the network I trusted the most. Also, I use data way more than minutes and there $30 plan is affordable and perfect for me.
Sprint’s solely CDMA customers, who don’t rely on its iDEN network, should not be affected at all. For instance, all six tower sites in Amarillo, TX only state that “Select towers in this area are under evaluation for possible late May 2012 impact. The 8MP Carl Zeiss camera takes fantastic photos, and the quality of the 1MP front-facing camera is astounding. Now, with the introduction of the MAXX variant, it's almost irresistible, even to those currently locked into a contract. If you like a hands-off approach to your wireless service, then that shouldn’t be an issue. They have essentially pulled the subsidy cost of phones out of their plans, leaving them below almost any other carrier. Granted, 8Mbps is still plenty fast, but it’s not exactly breaking records or impressing anyone. You see, with Solavei, they have a tiered referral program that can net you thousands of dollars per month assuming you can refer friends and family, or setup shop on the internet as an SEO expert with your referral link for all to click.
In the end, if you want to go the prepaid route, expect to switch over to T-Mobile or AT&T. Also, the Hangouts boss has already said that once that happens, you’ll get to keep your Google Voice number. While I love what T-Mobile is doing to shake up the wireless industry, their network didn’t hold up as well for me over the last year.
The intuitive Windows Phone OS, support for AT&T’s 4G LTE network, and $99 price tag are just icing on the cake. Although the policy change will cost consumers more upfront, in the long run, only having the monthly line access fee rather than a separate full data plan is cheaper. With that said, for many of you who are considering a move from another carrier, but maybe want to test out T-Mobile’s service, this is a great option. I used a T-Mobile MVNO for months and often ran into areas without connectivity here in Portland, a major U.S.
I’ve always assumed prepaid plans use other providers weakest towers and you pretty much get what you pay for (the same thing I think about Sprint,) but maybe nowadays it’s not like that anymore? And I wouldn’t doubt it if you have seen some of these affiliate a-holes spamming up our comments with their Solavei links.
On all of the tests I ran (which you can see in the screenshot), the speeds jumped up initially into the 20Mbps range, but fell off towards the end leaving it with unimpressive results.
LTE bands hit up this reference. When you buy an unlocked phone, the listing should tell you which frequencies the phone works with.

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