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All Verizon customers can access their account using the company’s My Verizon online portal. Accessing your wireless mobile account online has become a whole lot easier when you sign up and create My Account. To start with the registration process, you will need a computer with internet access, your wireless and your current billing system and password. Once you are in the home page, click on the “Sign In or Register” button located on the top right section of your screen. Type in your mobile number or user ID which you have created when you registered for your account. Registering for account provides you with limitless possibilities on how to manage and access your mobile device.
The massive quantities of After Christmas savings are almost dizzying, yet shoppers are smartly handling them to get maximum while spending minimum. Verizon Wireless is creating a buzz in market with its After Christmas sale, featuring hottest selection of smartphones, tablets, Internet devices, and more. These are just few, however there are many other hot devices at hottest prices, you will soon fall in love for.

The new Verizon Central Home Page will give you the ability to personalize what you want to see, like e-mail, news, weather, stock prices, horoscope, day and time clock, sports, TV and movie listings, stock prices, and much more, all in one place.
We'd like to invite you to test the New Verizon Central Home Page Beta now by clicking on the link below.
We hope you'll find the new Verizon Central Home Page easier to use and have fun making it your own with your personal favorites. This message was sent from a notification-only e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail messages. My verizon login verizon wireless, Sign in to my verizon easiest way to manage your wireless service. Your account is usually made by your mobile number on the initial day you used it after purchasing.
See below for the complete instructions on how to complete the registration process and activate your account.
Depending on your preference, you can choose either the My Business Account or My Personal Account option. Here’s one more amazing sale for tech-lovers, heating up ecounters at your favorite store Verizon Wireless.

Warm up with your favorite apps, site, and tunes with power-packed smartphone on the network you deserve to do best. Whether you want to update your old mobile phone with feature rich smartphone or willing to please someone with hi-tech gadget this New Year, it’s right time to hit Verizon Wireless for picking top-rated gadgets at sweet prices. Under this Verizon Wireless sale get sleek, powerful and truly addictive technology at best prices.
Once you are registered and your account is validated, you can now access your online account anytime using your device. Also make sure to see more Verizon Wireless coupons to save every time you shop this store.
Also, you can now easily check for messages or check your minutes from this portal not to mention purchasing ring tones, checking and resetting your password to your voicemail and a whole lot more. You can also use your online account to pay your bills without having to visit the nearest outlet.

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