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Upwelling occurs where water from the deeper parts of the ocean is allowed to travel upwards to the surface.
We find upwelling along the equator due to diverging surface waters, around Antarctica between the East Wind Drift and West Wind drift, and along coastlines where the wind blows in such a way that Ekman Transport pushes water away from the coast. This figure below shows how Ekman transport, aided by the wind and the coriolis effect, creates areas of upwelling and downwelling in coastal locations of the Southern hemisphere. L'Asie est le plus gros continent et aussi le plus peuple il compte plus de 4 milliards d'habitants.Et compte le plus peuple et le plus grand pays du monde c'est a dire la Chine et la Russie. L'Europe est le plus petit continent du monde mais il est plus peuple que l'Amerique du nord et du sud ensemble!!! Ce modele considere que l'Amerique du Nord et l'Amerique du Sud ne forment qu'un seul continent. Ce modele considere que l'Europe et l'Asie ne forment qu'un seul continent, tout comme l'Amerique du Nord et l'Amerique du Sud. Ce modele considere que l'Europe, l'Asie et l'Afrique ne forment qu'un seul bloc, tout comme l'Amerique du Nord et l'Amerique du Sud.

Explain the daily commute of zooplankton and what the term deep scattering layer refers to.
Watch a video of a comb jellies swimming and then watch a video of a true jellyfish swimming.
Watch the jelly plankton movie and write a description of one of the jellies described in the movie. Draw into your notes the chart below, then use what you have learned to fill in the blanks.
Colors indicate levels of productivity, with oranges and reds indicating higher productivity.
We know from our discussion of seawater that deep ocean water is generally very cold and nutrient rich.
Your book provides explanations of each of these processes and several others that cause upwelling. Recall that Ekman transport moves water to the LEFT of the wind direction in the Southern Hemisphere.

Productivity is simply a measure of how many marine plants, the base of oceanic food chains, are found in the waters. Therefore, in areas of upwelling we often find very productive waters like on the California coast in the image to the right.
How would these images look different if these coasts were located in the Northern Hemisphere?
We also find downwelling along the outermost boundary of the Southern Ocean where cold Antarctic water sinks below warmer South Pacific and South Atlantic waters.
Now, lets explore how water moves vertically either from the deep ocean to the surface through upwelling or from the surface to deeper parts of the ocean through downwelling.

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