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I recently heard from someone who struggles with poses such as Upward-Facing Dog because of a fused ankle.
I learned a useful substitute for this plantar flexionI was studying yoga at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India, we were instructed in Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations, we were encouraged to transition from Downward-Facing Dog into Upward-Facing Dog without doing Chaturanga Dandasana.  And because we were inhaling into Up Dog and exhaling right back into Down Dog, we were told to keep the toes turned under and the ball of the foot on the floor, such as in the back foot in a High Lunge.
I have also found that using the yoga wedges as a lift and support can also be helpful, especially under the ball of the front foot in poses like Triangle, where the front ankle, again, needs to able to point, or plantar flex, to get the entire foot grounded.  This way of supporting the limited range of motion of the ankle joint could also be helpful for those suffering from the much more common ankle sprain, which requires limiting movement in the recovery period until the swelling subsides. Baxter Bell disagrees with New York Times writer William Broad that men are more prone to being injured in yoga. This special time of year is also perfect for new yoga students to embark on a journey into yoga, however, with the variety of yoga styles to choose from it can feel a little overwhelming to know which classes to take.
All of our classes at Heart and Core Yoga studio offer a crossover in the occurrence of these basic poses.
The following is a list of five basic yoga poses you’ll likely come across in all classes, plus special tips on how to perform correctly, and how they benefit the mind and body. Benefits: Lengthens and decompresses the spine, stretches the hamstrings, strengthens the arms, flushes the brain with oxygen, calms the mind.
Benefits: Slims the waist, strengthens the legs and core, aids in correcting postural imbalances.

Looking dynamic and powerful, it’s no wonder we see these poses in a lot of yoga ads or commercials.
Benefits: Strengthens the legs and hips, stretches the psoas muscles, instills a sense of confidence like a peaceful warrior. Tips: If you are unable to rest your forehead on the mat, rest it on your forearms, a yoga block or a folded blanket. Benefits: Stretches the low back and hips, calms the nervous system, stimulates the kidneys and relaxes the spinal muscles. Otherwise known as Savasana or final relaxation, this pose is the single most important one you will do in your yoga practice. Benefits: Lowers blood pressure, relaxes heart rate, calms the mind and makes you fall in love with yoga. Stay connected - sign up for our newsletter to get updates, articles, announcements and more! The foot no longer goes into plantar flexion, which is the position you take after rolling over your toes and resting the top of feet on the mat with the soles facing upward. But in cold weather, a warm bowl of soup feels more like comfort food than a "cleanse." And that's exactly the point.

Whether you are returning to school, renewing your fitness resolutions, or incorporating a new and improved healthy diet into your lifestyle, the fall season is the perfect time to establish a new routine. Once you get familiar with them, you will have a strong foundation from which to build your practice. Certain yoga styles offer variations of this pose, but it’s easily recognized, as the components are very similar. Variations will often include some twisting, extending or balancing in different ways, but by mastering the basics, the next steps will come naturally.
In addition, all yoga poses can be modified to suit the needs of the varying levels in yoga classes. It is also the most recognized pose, as well as the one people think of or call attention to when they speak about yoga.

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