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The T3 moving average is similar to the original MA, and it can be traded in the same way as the original MA indicator. This Method involves using two T3 MA and generating trading signals when the two cross each either upwards generating an upward Forex trend signal or cross downwards generating a downward Forex trend Signal.
Whipsaws - This is a smoothed indicator which is not prone to giving out whipsaws, since it is smoothed it is less responsive to price spikes, therefore a price spike will not skew the data used to calculate and plot it.
Market Sentiment: Did you know that traders and market participants have been buying US Dollars because USD is the best currency to hold when there is a recession – this is because the dollar is held as the reserve currency by most central banks and during recession most traders also prefer to hold this currency, this is why USD is known as a safe haven currency.

During times of economic growth traders prefer to sell the dollars they had bought and start buying higher yielding currencies. The T3 is a modification of method used to calculate the original MA and it has a smoother curve and it does not lag the market as much as the MA. When the price is below the indicator it implies that price is bound to continue moving downwards.
But now the market sentiment has changed and all the economies are on their way to recovery and most have even returned to economic growth based on the economic reports coming from these countries.

This Indicator follows price action and adjusts itself to the direction of the Forex market. The EURUSD is trending upwards; Crude Oil Prices have also started to move back up because demand of oil is growing because of the global economic growth, Gold is also in an upward trend because during economic growth the prices of commodities also go up because there is increase in their demand.

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