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What I learned from this experience is I got brave to talk in front of the class, and sometimes I get scared.
This class gave me a chance to work to my full potential and now that I know what it is, I know that I could be so much more than what I show in school. I enjoyed this class, I am able to take everything I have done and place it in the topics of future scholarship essays I will have to do.
I loved every minute in this class and I know I will take everything and use it to my advantage. I already knew that I could write exceptional essays, but to suddenly have to sit down and write about how I was treated unfairly was something I had never done before. We had to learn to trust Tad and Dean’s advice, they had been doing this with so many other students.
The advice from Tad, Dean, and Jeanne is probably the most useful advice that I have ever been given.
I can go back to school with confidence in myself, knowing that I am special and can bring forth so much into this world. I also learned answering all parts to a question is very important in writing, to put yourself in the story, and to be descriptive. What I can take back is to help others, to give them some ideas, to be more descriptive, to answer all parts of a question, the ability to write, the experiences I had while being here, the support and help from everyone. I liked when we individually talked about our papers to the teachers, their help, support, and ideas. The students that had this class last year told us that it was a lot of work and it also made them think about what they have gone through in their live.
In this essay writing class, I have learned a lot more about myself that I never even knew.   What I have learned most about myself was how hard a childhood I have grown up with. What I liked most about this class was how we all started to become a family in just one week. What will help me the most?  In my opinion, if I raise my voice louder than talking too quiet.
Donna has served for several presidential campaigns for the Democratic candidates which includes Jimmy Carter-Walter Mondale in 1976 and 1980.
More interesting facts and information about her can be obtained from the various internet sites. What will help the most is it will help me to control my movement when I speak in front of the class.
I have never thought that I was able to put that much work in because back in Bethel, I was always the lazy student.
I was afraid of this class and now I feel I will miss all of these people and what they have done.
I learned to be more descriptive in how I write because not everyone will know what I do and who I am. I know how hard scholarship essays are now, and thanks to this class I will know what to do. They knew what the scholarship readers would be looking for, we had to realize that they knew that.
They pushed all of us to dig deep, into our own thoughts, and bring them up so that we could realize how important they will be, not only for scholarships, but for our writing in school and college.

I can encourage other kids in my school to want to do something with their lives, instead of being stuck in a town they love to complain about. I’m sure I was not the only one who enjoyed finding out more about themselves from putting it all out on paper. I liked the way others had written their papers, with how they described certain things, such as their hometown or being a leader.
These essays have helped me understand how many values I have in life that I didn’t even know existed. I enjoyed reading mine, and others essays, throughout this last week of our Upward Bound program. I have experienced to speak up in front of the class and try my best to be brave and ask for help when I need it. She further worked for Jesse Jackson in 1984, for Walter Mondale-Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and for Richard Gephardt In the year 1988. She had participated in the several political campaigns where her presence made big differences in the political elections. The kind of bond that we hold is very special to me, we worked together and that brought us closer.
Those people have not seen the life we had, have no knowledge at all on how our culture is and how our villages look.
I give thanks to Tad, Dean, Falon, Ashley and Jeanne for taking their time to come and teach, change and reveal us.
What I learned from this class was not anything that I would be tested on in an exam, but something much more useful to my future — that was coming to understand myself, it was knowing how far I could take myself in the future, from my past.
I learned a great deal about myself from writing, no other class had ever made me look into myself that much. We all found what scholarship readers will want to read- not saying that they wanted us to lie in our essays, but rather to write real things. I really did not expect all of this almost life-altering information I did not realize about myself. I learned not to introduce an opening paragraph with a question because you do not want to make the reader think, that you should always keep the reader interested in your paper.
I can take the knowledge that I have gained from my teachers and learn from it as I continue to write more in the future. When I go home, I am going to be real happy to see my hometown and my family again, but I will also miss everybody in all three Upward Bound programs. She became the first African American to direct a extensive presidential campaign where she served as campaign manager for Al Gore in the year 2000. She started to work as deputy field director of Michael Dukakis after Gephardt lost primary in the year 1988.
She had deeply involved in her political career such that she didn’t find time for living her private life.
Even though she doesn’t have a beautiful looks, she had made her name her name popular through her immense talent as a political analyst, author and academician. Making essays in my hometown will help me because I have experienced it.  What I want to take back is I want to encourage other students to come to Upward Bound.
I could take in how these essays were, how difficult they were to write, and compare them to future essays and giggle.

I learned that there is always something more to do —  when you think you have finished, the finish line is still many miles ahead of you. I plan to go back to school and encourage kids at every assembly to do the best that they can, to believe in themselves.
I also learned that you should make the reader feel like they are in your story, that you should show the reader how to do something rather than tell. Proving her potentiality, she worked as Chief of Staff and Press Secretary to Congressional Delegate Elenaor Holmes Norton of District of Columbia in the period of 1990s.
Till date, she wasn’t seen dating her boyfriend and neither there is news of her pregnancy. Being a dedicated towards the politics, she had gained name and fame but how much she has earned from her political career is still a big question? The things about this class, the process of becoming a family, how small things widen when you actually put in work and how bigger your thoughts become, has really changed me.
In all my years of high school, I have never had any essay that was as challenging as these were. It was a lot of work and effort in a short period of time, and they were hard on us, but it was only to improve our writing skills, and to help us.
The class also taught me to write from my heart, and to write in a way where I could be heard from everyone. Donna became keenly interested from the age of nine when a local candidate promised to provide and build neighborhood playground. While working as Chife of Staff, she helped to guide the District’s budget and local legislation on the Capito Hill. As she is still unmarried, there is no question arise of her husband, divorce and children. What I liked about this class was we helped each other, we paired up into to three groups and it really helped a lot.
They mentioned at the beginning that we would become a family, but I really didn’t expect it to actually happen. For the presidency in 1992 and re-election in 1996, she worked as an advisor for President Bill Clinton’s Campaign. After completing graduation from the Louisiana State University she served various advocacy groups in Washington D.C. She was hired as deputy campaign manager in 1999 and later promoted to Campaign manager of the presidential campaign of Vice-president Al Gore in the year 2000. She became the first African-American woman in the history to manage ever a presidential campaign. Brazile was appointed as Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Voting Rights Institute after post-election votes in the 2000 United States presidential election held in Florida. She strongly criticized of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment that places limits on taxpayer-funded abortions in the context of affordable Health Care for America Act of the November 2009. She became the member of the advisory board of the Washington & Lee Universtiy Mock Convention.

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