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You're about to discover proven methods on how to improve brain and cognitive functions to maintain a healthy and fit brain.
But guardian angels arena€™t just a comforting bedtime story for totsa€”they're very real forces that can help you navigate this earthly adventure your soul signed up for and live at your fullest potential. Think of them as divine life coaches.Once you start to get to know your guardian angels, it will become much easier to sense their presence and recognize when they send you guidance. By applying breakthrough scientific discoveries and logical insights into your mind, you can discover incredible mental powers that lie untapped in your brain. And, as I explain in my most recent book, Angel Insights: Messages From, and Ways to Connect With, Your Spiritual Guardians, the best way to get to know your guardian angels is by simply interacting with them. Within the pages of this book is a proven step-by-step program - based upon easy-to-use, scientifically-based tools and techniques - that is guaranteed to double your brain power. These simple short-cuts to power thinking help unlock the hidden abilites of your mind and make your mental powers soar. Sit still, close your eyes, calm your mind, and ask your higher self for the name of one of your guardian angels. Instantly identify hidden meanings in people's conversation Absorb facts like a sponge - and repeat them almost word for word years later Solve math, business, and financial problems in half the time it takes you today Zip through complicated reports with ease Evaluate information and put it to practical use immediately Read and comprehend a book in as little as 30 minutes Burn facts, figures, and even whole books, into your memory And using twice as much of your brain doesn't have to take twice as much effort.

As you develop your ability to think on your feet, to isolate and arrange facts, and to avoid logical pitfalls you will see how to use creative problem solving strategies, both in business and in private life. You simply learn how to use your brain more efficiently - producing double the results without using any more mental energy than before.
If no name comes, it might be that your guardian angels are inviting you to name them yourself. Youa€™ll know youa€™ve come up with a good one if thinking of it or saying it aloud makes you feel warm and peaceful, gives you chills, or brings a smile to your face. ADVERTISEMENTWrite down the names of your guardian angels and call them by name when you ask them for comfort or guidance.
Using your guardian angelsa€™ names should help you stay more connected to them and make them seem more real to you. Ask them to send you a sign.Angels love to send you guidance that can improve your life as well as simple reminders of their loving, healing presence. You can ask your guardian angels to send you a sign either by writing this request in your journal, through a more formal prayer, or by briefly meditating on the idea. Then, for the next week, keep your eyesa€”your physical eyes and your metaphysical third eyea€”peeled for a sign from your guardian angels.This could come in the form of a prophetic dream, an unexpected romantic or business opportunity, a new relationship, or a refreshed perspective on a recurring situation.

Music isna€™t something physical you can nail down and toucha€”it travels in the ether, permeating your senses and calling forth your soul.
It can elicit strong emotional responses in people, and angels will often use it to reach you. Sometimes the message lives in your association with the song or artist, and other times the message is in the lyrics.
It will play on the radio whenever your angels want to remind you of their constant presence. Mine is Chrissie Hyndea€™s a€?Ia€™ll Stand by You,a€? and I think the lyrics perfectly describe a guardian angela€™s love and devotion.4. Your guardian angels know everything about you, so they are already aware of this situation, but by sharing it with them in your journal, you are using your free will to ask them for help. Go ahead and end by saying, a€?Guardian Angels, please help me with this in any way you can.a€? Then watch for their guidance.

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