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Excellent advice, I was just writing an article myself about how important it is to have a unique design and how it could just be the most valuable tool in your entire arsenal!
Very often the ending of website is not considered as an important to do task by the designers and the website footer design is not given that much of attention. Here you will find some very eye-catching and some very creatively designed website footers which really gives a very pleasant effect on the viewers on ending the web page. We’ve started to apply your tips and advise on the sales process of some of our websites, it would be really nice to see.
Hanlon Creative, a Marketing and Web Design company, does not really use a splash page on their website but the homepage is built to act like a sort of a splash page.
Website footers were so much creatively designed that provided a very beautiful artistic ending to the website. But the important thing is that a good web page design is which takes all measure to ensure that all web elements are designed in a professional manner whether it is the header, buttons, slide bars, footers, tags, etc. To navigate to the next page you click a link and it will scroll the page right anfd left until it gets to the requested page. It focuses on one project and shows the logo, or an element from the project, as the graphic background of the page and then a paragraph of text about the project off to the right of the page. So Today, I will be sharing with you some very nicely designed website footer examples which will further give you the feel of perfectly designed website footers. Hence for a designer to win a competitive edge over the other designers in the industry he has to create a creative differentiation by designing artistic web footers. I have seen websites that scroll right and left for navigation but this one is different, there is actually a real purpose for scrolling. Web Design Ideas blog is the outlet through which his ideas and web design tricks and tips get recorded and shared with others. A good website is the once which not only inspires the viewers by its content but its last inspiration is effecting the viewers through beautifully designed footers. I love the bright colors used and the graphical elements like the boxy lettering and the logo.
I believe we always attempt to produce new and exciting results to share with this great community.
As it is said often the foot prints often leave a great effect in human history similarly we can say that the web footers always leave a memorable effect on the viewer’s mind which leaves a positive inspiration.
The way the website is structured is very unique and it shows the designer’s level of skill and talent.
By bad results, I mean terrible, terrible, awful web designs that should never see the light of day. Start with a Blank CanvasStarting with another design or any portion of work that you have done before is a great way to save time on a project. In reality, a lot of unused design work can be reworked and recycled into new projects, increasing your productivity. This is a practice I encourage as it saves a huge amount of time and pulls what might have been a great idea that didn’t click on a previous project out of the trash bin.

But this is not a great way to come up with that cool new design that is going to set the world on fire.Start with a blank canvas.
Try not to restrain yourself to starting at the top of the page layout (the header) or starting with a wireframe layout (if you already don’t use this process).
However, this is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.Who says a web layout needs to be constricted to 4 straight-edged sides? What if it didn’t matter how it was laid out?For a change, create the product and then challenge yourself to a new solution.
There is no rule that states your site cannot be accessible unless it fits in a 960-pixel box. Do Not Use a CMSMuch like set layouts and grid systems, content management systems of today are amazing tools that save time and effort while maintaining beautiful design standards and pretty good flexibility.
Platforms like WordPress, Expression Engine, and Drupal are very malleable and are used in innovative ways, but they still do provide designers with restrictions. Avoid Online InspirationFor projects we want to be truly unique and innovative, we should probably avoid looking at what other designers have done before us.
Try to avoid the trap that you have to do as good as the competition when you could dig an even better solution out of your own mind.5. But this gets stagnant pretty fast, and as part of an industry that shifts in nature very quickly, we should always encourage ourselves to try out new things and forge new talents.
The more HTML and CSS browser-rendering issues I encounter, the more it affects the way I develop the mockup of my sites in Photoshop.Knowing how hard an element or interaction design is going to be to implement using CSS, HTML, and client-side scripting shapes the way I execute my ideas on a graphic level. Knowing what the medium’s limitations are is key to crafting realistic and usable websites. Go Old SchoolMany designers today are well-versed with the idea that using tables in your web design is sloppy and a bad practice. Competition is good because browsers are less likely to accept the status quo, implementing future web standards more quickly than ever before.Seeing what we can do with new things being introduced in HTML5 and CSS3 is a fun and popular hobby for the informed, modern web designer.
Provide Unique ConstraintsMost of what I’ve discussed so far are meant to encourage you to think outside of the box and provide your mind with limitless possibilities of what you can do with your designs. However, if you find yourself fighting a mental block or struggling to take advantage of your newfound freedom, one of the best methods for generating some unique ideas is to give yourself some restraints.
For example, what if you avoid using 5 colors that you almost always use in your web designs? Pulling off an appealing design within limitations such as these will force you to use your skills to work your way around the walls you build yourself.10.
Collaborate with OthersWorking as a member of a team can be both a wonderful and a wonderfully frustrating experience. On one hand, dedicating experts into specialized areas of a website’s production will often yield better results in less time.
On the other hand, communicating your own thoughts and ideas with another person can be a challenge, along with trying to interpret their take on the problem the team faces.However, partnering up with another designer (or a group of designers) can be both fun and inspiring. While Dribbble did not invent this idea, it has brought a lot of light to it with a large and very talented design pool to draw from.

The real value in exploring your own creativity is to be able to use just one idea that no one else has done before.What other methods do you use to spark creativity in your work?
Knowing limitations is good, but if I didn’t have to code it I know the design would be much different. The idea of being the designer and passing along mockups to a developer sounds amazing!demogar Jan 13 2011To be honest I enjoyed this read so much. That will be (i guarantee) a real headache for programmer and he will spent a lot more time to make it work.
I say forget what others are doing, you now become spontaneous and authentic to be yourself.David Jan 13 2011Innovation is always a hot topic in any design field. Also, innovation is not linear, and is more demanding than any step wise approach, but steps sure helps give order to any process.
For that reason I’m going to give a hint on the first 3 steps on any innovation process (Usually there are more than 15 steps)Step numero uno is to Identify a current condition that needs intervention. For that reason Ia€™m going to give a hint on the first 3 steps on any innovation process (Usually there are more than 15 steps)Step numero uno is to Identify a current condition that needs intervention. Step numero dos is to Describe (qualitatively) and to Measure (quantitatively) what has been identify.
Step numero tres is to Research systematically using different methods what has been describe and measure in order to expand understanding of the subject.This gets you so far as to have lots of information at hand. You still need to Evaluate that info, Analyze it and Interpret it, before you even come up with Ideas or Concepts. So I highly encourage everyone to start building your own innovation process, and contribute to make a better, effective web experience.
When your thought process involves any CMS as a part of the project you immediately begin to think in terms of a theme and repeatable site elements.
Maybe instead we want to make a site where all of the pages have different layouts and structures. As I stated we may end up with a result that is impossible to code at the end of the day but what we can take away from that is either 1) A creative coding solution to a difficult problem or 2) Several unique design elements that we may want to keep in our toolbox for future design use.Joberror Jan 13 2011Yes!
I completely agree you have to push yourself and think outside of the box when designing otherwise they will all just end up looking the same.I think you definitely need to attempt something new each time and I always bare that in mind when designing. It’s so frustrating when you discuss an idea with a client, think you have it nailed and then design the site only to have them waffle on layout and content later.
My be these points will help me to produce a unique design that will suit visitors or visitors will like.This comment section is closed.

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