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Amethyst can trace its name from the Greek word Amathyein, which roughly translates as not drunk. An amethyst is best used for preventing violent death and for acting as a ward against danger. Amethyst has long been used as a meditative tool, as placing it on the crown chakra leads to increased concentration and self-confidence.
Since our Body is the dwelling place of God-The Holy Spirit, we must keep our body clean and healthy devoid of any negative forces and dirt. Many of the body\’s major systems may be used for both physical and spiritual activity. Much of this was known in the sacred and often secret temple schools of ancient cultures around the world. Entering the temple, raising the energy, energizing the spiritual centers, and uniting with God is possible for a spiritual life.
Moses could not ascend the mountain and meet God face to face until he first gave water to the seven maidens and raised the serpent off the desert floor –symbolic of enlivening the seven spiritual centers and raising the Kundalini energy.
The third is a single path, the Sushumna, beginning in the lower pelvic area and traveling directly up the body to the top of the head.
The endocrine glands along this pathway are, in order from lowest to highest: gonads (testes in males and ovaries in females), cells of Leydig (named after the doctor who discovered them, located in and above the gonads), adrenals (located on top of the kidneys), thymus (located in the upper chest), thyroid (in the throat), pineal (near the center of the brain at the top of the spinal fluid canal), and pituitary (just above the back of the roof of the mouth, behind the bridge of the nose, tucked under the frontal lobe). Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia. Mariska, AKA, The Psychedelic Zombie is a minor antagonist in the video game; Lollipop Chainsaw. Mariska multiply to eight Mariska Phase three is similar to phase 2, but there are eight Mariskas for Juliet to face. As a Dark Purveyor, Mariska is quite powerful, and is capable of creating illusions, such as disguising herself as Juliet's sister Rosalind.

When fought in battle, she uses rather unusual attacks, such as trying to run Juliet over with a combine or trying to crush her using a giant version of her hand.
Mariska is themed around a kind of music, like the rest of the Dark Purveyors, Psychedelia. Mariska is the only boss battle that exclusively rely on the Chainsaw Blaster to defeated her (with the exception of the finishing strikes).
Mariska is the only female member of the Dark Purveyors as well as the only female villain in the whole game. Mariska is shown to be a bit of a hypocrite seeing how she gave the middle finger when she said peace, and gave the peace sign when she said Hell.
This makes sense, considering that the ancient Greeks believed that amethyst was able to prevent drunkenness, in addition to insulating the wearer against magic, homesickness, and evil thoughts of all kinds. In addition to assisting with concentration, amethysts in geode form can cure nervous headaches by simple proximity. Amethyst also has the added benefit of protecting and individual and their home from burglars and thieves. Regularly wearing amethyst can lead to increased charisma and attention from those around you. For example, the seven major endocrine glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream to keep the body running optimally are also a physical portion of the seven spiritual centers or chakras that can affect major changes in our vibrations and consciousness. But, if one wants to experience the whole of God consciousness and eternal life, then one need to raise the body\’s vibrations and experience higher states of consciousness.
He reveals six centers and an ultimate luminescence that occurs around the top of the head. Two are an interwoven double helix called Ida and pingala, often represented by double serpents (?
She uses certain abilities such as bubbles to entrap Juliet generate exploding butterflies.

She is able to counter being cut in half by Juliet's chainsaw by having each half become a whole Mariska.
Along the same line, Buddhist monks utilized the spiritual properties of amethyst to assist in meditation, while Hildegard von Bin-gen believed Amethyst could be used to treat skin blemishes and tumors. These centers are depicted in two ways: as chakras (literally, a€?spinning wheelsa€?) and as padmes (literally, a€?lotusesa€?). She created the illusion that her boyfriend; Nick was turned into a zombie, but Juliet managed to break out of the illusion. After the real Mariska is knocked out, Juliet, again, has ten seconds to cut oppen Mariska. After Juliet knocks out the real Mariska, she, again, has to finish Mariska within 10 seconds. Like most of the Hippie stereotype, she appears to be high, as she appears to be dazed and absent during her confrontation with Juliet.
Every time she does this, she becomes more powerful, and gaining new abilities, such as explosive butterflies.
When Julliet successfully cuts Mariska in two, Mariska regenerates again, but it appeared to strain her. She may also be considered the most mystical of the Dark Purveyors, noting her peculiar super-abilities. Mariska also may be a bit deranged seeing how she gives the middle finger when she said peace, and gives the peace sign when she says Hell. She also as the ability to heal her injuries, if Juliet doesn't perform a finishing move within ten seconds, Mariska can heal a huge portion of her health. The soul in brain has central nervous system and is connected with peripheral nervous system.

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