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These things aren’t “just happening” to you, outside of your control to do anything to change them. Why you’re choosing to immediately assign X emotion to Y situation is where your personal limiting beliefs and programming lie.
Even though you may not have full control over how external situations play out, you have full control over your interpretation – and thus experience – of said external situations.
You must 100% consciously accept that you keep repeatedly choosing that choice over another choice. This is the root cause and source of all “habits”; choosing one type of choice over another for our own arbitrary reasoning. This reasoning is where your beliefs – as well as your personally assumed limitations – begin and end. You must consciously embrace full acceptance of responsibility for what you’re already creating, or nothing can change for you.

Most will refuse the above, and even go to lengths to deny it and place the blame for their current behavior on something or someone else. Even though they deny responsibility for changing the situation, they still readily admit that the problem is arising from an external conflict. Until they consciously embrace acceptance and true responsibility however, they disable themselves from solving the root source of those external issues – themselves. And so the blame game continues, with problems continuing to perpetuate and worsen through time.
What’s unpopular and uncommon is making it a priority to become progressively more conscious of yourself, the reality experience going on around you, and your connection and relationship to those two things.
By doing so, you gradually loosen the grip of those unconscious habits by becoming more and more aware of them, and thus empower yourself to transcend your previous self-limitations. Bringing conscious light to the unconscious darkness of less-than-stellar behavior patterns and choices is the key to unlocking the doors to your true potential as an individual human being in the twenty first century.

Berating yourself because you think you’re unlucky or have bad timing is to ask for more of those same things. They become neutral props for you to overcome in a positive, constructive, loving, and purposeful manner.
This is exactly the bad habit we were touching upon above; instead of using your power to move forward, you use it to hold yourself right where you are.
When you prioritize this practice, your life begins to explode with an ecstatic symphony of synchronicity at every turn. When you solve this issue, all other habits become infinitely easier to tackle, uproot, and change.

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