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Overall since March of 2013, when I saw Tony Robbins at UPW LA, my life has dramatically improved. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We often avoid starting career in real estate investment because there are constantly fluctuations in this business. One of the basic ways, which I have ignore in the past, is to model successful business people.

I started by really tried to understand the Tony Robbins Ultimate Business Success Formula.  Once I committed to achieving my goals, I moved all my project work over to monthly retainers. If you are going to this event or if you have been to Tony Robbins Business Mastery before, please let me know. If you think a business model is helping you, learn it over and over until you really understand it. The foundation started when I created a morning ritual were I visualize my new life, emotionally flood myself with things I am grateful for.

I made a small change and a minor shift to get my small business into a system that can scale and grow.

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