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In this fastest growing world you have to be smart, quicker and intelligent than every next person. Here are various tips and remedies that will help you to enhance your memory and boost your brain power.
By adopting proper lifestyle and healthy habits you can improve your physical and mental health. Boosting your brain power with the help of solving puzzles and math exercises are best methods. This vegetable is a rich source of anti-oxidants and potassium which helps to block the free in the body. Chocolates are not only yummy and delicious but also good for the brain and health.Caffeine and antioxidants present in chocolates helps to boost your brain power and increase your intellectual level. Oversleep damages brain cells and reduces brain’s efficiency so don’t sleep more than 7 hours consecutively.
Don’t indulge yourself in one activity only, different activities compels brain to thin out of box and boosts your intelligence. Don’t linger out of depression on the problems of life that is going nowhere even after spending considerable time on it. Background noise affects your concentration so don’t work in an environment where you can’t concentrate properly.
On the other hand, being reactive is about dealing with situations when they happen because it seems that there is no choice. The following table compares the proactive, reactive and inactive behaviours with a focus on the state of mind of the person engaged in those behaviours.
Here are ten of the top power packed foods designed to give you energy, vitality and all around good health! About Latest Posts Follow MeCindy BuccieriCindy Buccieri is the editor of the Inspired Living Community, Heart and Soul Ezine, and The Work at Home Helper.
Solar panels called ‘Solar Paper’, due to their small size and weight, can now be used to charge a whole host of small appliances such as mobile phones or laptops. Solar Paper fits into the pages of a book rather like a bookmark, only it’s a bit bigger than most bookmarks at 19x9cm and just 4mm thick. Solar Paper is ideal for the person on the go who does not have time to take their phone home and wait for it to recharge. Another feature is the LCD screen that tells you how much power is being delivered at any one time.
It’s water resistant, which is handy if a sudden shower strikes when you are out and about, or if your little brother sneaks up with a water pistol. Many devices such as this that are already available don’t work because they’re too small to generate the amount of power needed. Solar Paper solar panels are easy to carry around due to its compact size and light weight; you’ll hardly notice it.
Three panels are advised for charging a Smartphone; this will be enough to charge it even in cloudy weather. Being able to decide on the amount of power – and therefore pages – you will need gives added versatility to this device. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional, doctor or any other person you have to stay mentally smart and healthy. Having good meal with suitable daily exercise can boost your brain power and physical health.
Listening music increases the emotional intelligence and provides strength to the right hemisphere of your brain.
Rather taking black tea if you consume green tea in your daily routine it will not only keep you healthy but will also improves your brain power.
Not only it is used in your daily meals but it is very important spice to stimulate your brain. Almonds contain essential contents that are not only good for your health but also help to boost your intelligence. Reactive people dread difficult situations and changes because they lack the confidence that they can manage them. In that case, a person faced with such a situation would either procrastinate, think that the problem is too difficult to be overcome, or be in denial and try to pretend that the problem does not exist. Salmon – Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of heart disease and other conditions like atherosclerosis. Previous models switched off whenever a cloud hid the sun or if you walked through a shadow. The advantage of this is that you can easily choose the correct angle of orientation to the sun for the best result. There are also grommet holes, allowing you to attach it to things such as the outside of your backpack. It certainly fills a niche, giving us a product we can trust to do the job we bought it for. The single panel will charge an external battery, iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy while four will be needed to charge an iPad Air 2. If you start off with the smaller size and find it is not quite enough, it is a simple matter to upgrade by adding another panel to the original. Research shows that lifestyle and environmental factors can play a pivotal role in our risk for cancer.
This can be achieved by different ways including a peaceful environment, close your eyes and relax yourself, sit in a comfortable manner,  stretch out your body, decide for how much time you will meditate in a day. Physical exercise helps to develop nerve cells and maximize the amount of blood cells that supply oxygen to the brain. Deep breathing helps to maximize flow of blood to the brain.Few minutes for daily deep breathing in natural environment will definitely help you to increase your brain power. Green tea contains high amount of anti-oxidants that fight against free radicals in human body. Many people see being proactive as acting before problems arise but it is also possible to be proactive when dealing with problems. They make the best of each situation, learn from it and seize the opportunities available to them in order to have a more fulfilled life.

The focus here is on active people, so that the inactive behavior is introduced only as a matter of completeness. As a consequence, people can act proactively in certain instances and be reactive in others.
Wild salmon is a fatty fish but it contains good fats that has been proven to improve health in children and adults. Peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts and pistachios are all providers of good fats and protein. Cindy is also the founder of Techie Girl Talks which provides training on online technology tools. Solar Paper means you can get power from the sun while you’re walking down the street, enjoying a coffee at an outdoor cafe, waiting to play tennis or riding a horse. It also helps you understand how different kinds of weather will affect its ability to charge your device. The new Solar Paper works well on just one panel and you can boost its power by adding up to three more panels, depending on the device you need to use it for most. When the design of anything has obviously been well thought out, the result is something that almost everyone finds practical. Tensions, increasing age and stress may lead to reduce your concentration and raise memory loss problems.
The process of meditation boosts the area of your brain that is responsible for advance thinking. By trying to learn new language one can judge his brain abilities to absorb new things and hence improves the process of self-actualization and self-discovery.
Scientifically it is proven that laughter causes the release of endorphinss, a chemical that alleviates pain and gives relief to mind and body.
Brain storming sessions will compel you to think about new and creative ideas which in turns are of huge benefit to boost your brain power.
It plays an important role to provide oxygen and flow of blood to the brain and improves memory.
Studies shows that free radicals gather in the brain are related to mental intelligence in later part of life.This green vegetable also contains folate and vitamins E, K that helps in reducing the chances of dementia. To get maximum heart and brain health benefits add omega 3 in your diet as much as you can. To increase your thinking capacity and concentration eat dark chocolates and enjoy being intelligent. In such a case, being proactive consists in turning difficult situations into opportunities and in understanding how the changes we have to make in our lives as a result can actually improve our life overall. Choosing and eating the right foods may help increase your life expectancy as well as the quality of your life. Oatmeal is a filling grain that also provides much needed fiber to keep hunger at bay and your blood sugar constant.
Salmon is rich in protein which is of great use after an exercise session to build muscle tissue. You get a lot of power to fight high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes with this seed. If you don’t drink milk, yogurt is an alternative to get your calcium in to build strong bones and teeth. At 128gm you can easily stick two or three together and use them to charge up your phone, external battery, camera and other devices. This could be annoying and frustrating, especially if you were busy and didn’t notice the shadow.
These panels can still fold over for ease of transport when you are not using them; the magnets ensure that the parts will stay together.
You will no longer have to worry about your phone battery running out just when you need it most.
Maybe one day something smaller and better will come along, but for now this has filled the niche, admirably ticking all the boxes of size, weight, affordability, ease of use and reliability. Mostly when we talk about old age people, our phenomena is that you cannot teach old people new tricks. Don’t try to learn all things in a single step because human brain cannot absorb all things abruptly. It has also been observed that multilingual people have keen and alert minds than monolingual people. So laugh it out, crack a joke, poke your friends, watch comedy movies and boost up your memory and intelligence.
If you keep thinking positive, you will observe a clear change in your way of looking things and problem solving capacities. Walnut is not only a tasty dry fruit but also appropriate mental power booster and brain food.
Flavonoids present in blue berries enhance cognitive functions, numerical problem solving ability and general intellectual level.Flavonoids also give protection against Alzheimer disease. There are different types of omega 3 but the two most important for mental health are EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) that you should take.
They tend to solve a problem as quickly as possible so that they can go back to their lives. Ground flax seed can be added to fruit smoothies, sprinkled in yogurt, eaten with cereal or added to pancake mix to name a few. First presented as heavy solar panels – that needed a lot of muscle to get them onto the roof –we are now at the other end of the spectrum.
In fact, four solar panels can be joined together to juice a larger device such as a laptop. But this concept is not true, human brain has an amazing ability to adjust with a new change even if you are old. Also you can take a nap for 15 to 20 minutes in a day to make yourself more alert and focused. Similarly, solving Rubik’s cube is also said considered best for increasing your mental ability by researchers. Traditional brain storming is to discuss some creative ideas belonging to different walks of life.

Researchers found that people who take green tea on regular basis have strong memory, good brain potential compared to those who don’t use it in their daily lives.
This brain food also reduces the risk of memory related problems and a disorder known as Alzheimer’s. Studies showed that people who take supplements containing omega 3 have more intellectual level than those who don’t use supplements.
On the opposite, being reactive may decrease one’s ability to cope with change, so that it becomes harder to be proactive in the future. If fiber is a problem in your diet, eating a healthy portion of beans each day can keep your digestive system healthy.
The antioxidants in fruit boost the immune system to fight the effects of aging in the body.
Eating these power packed vegetables in their natural state especially garlic increases their health benefits. Capsaicin has the properties of an anti-inflammatory, a pain reliever, lowers cancer risk and heart disease. Balance Your Blood Sugar – Sugar can depress your immune system, giving cancer cells an opportunity to multiply and divide while the body’s defenses are down. While advanced brain storming uses new process and training sessions based on new technologies. In the long run, reactivity can increase procrastination and lead to being inactive when facing more challenging difficulties. Protect yourself by enjoying low glycemic foods.[Read — 5 Strategies to Help Develop a Positive Body Image]#3. It is very necessary for your body to provide it all those nutrients which are also good for your brain health. During brain storming session all the members in group must encourage each other in order to get new ideas and concepts.
Green tea has also other incredible benefits like it reduces belly fatand lowers the chances of cancer in human body. Almonds can be consumed in different forms like by addingthem in milk, soaking in water overnight and eat them in morning.
This amazing brain food does magic to your brain power and you will notice the difference once you start taking them regularly. Although not all studies show this benefit, when the evidence is looked at as a whole, regular exercise appears to lower breast cancer .#4.
Increase Antioxidants – It is estimated that every day each cell in your body is attacked an average of 10,000 times by free radicals. Reduce Your Toxic Load – Get rid of your air fresheners and synthetic candles, which both can include cancer-growing chemicals. We are exposed to many toxins every day such as PCBs in farmed fish, BPA and other hormone-like substances in plastic bottles, can liners and food wraps, pesticides on conventionally-grown produce and even food additives and artificial sweeteners.#6.
In order to take care of your mental health you need proper sleep and healthy super foods to boost your memory functions. Check Your Vitamin D Level – Numerous studies have found an inverse relationship between levels of vitamin D and breast cancer.
Get more vitamin D by exposing your body to sunlight for 30 minutes of sunlight daily as often as possible. When this is not possible due to weather or season, consider taking a high-quality vitamin D supplement. Either way, because vitamin D is such a strong predictor of overall health, it is advisable to have your vitamin D levels tested.[More — 3 Ways to Help A Friend Through a Difficult Anniversary]#7.
Watch Your Waist – Excess fat in the waist area may affect risk more than the same amount of fat in the hips and thighs. Researchers believe that fat cells in various parts of the body have subtle differences that may explain this.#8.
Beware of Alcohol – A study reported in the November 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the more a woman drinks, the higher her breast cancer risk. Alcohol is believed to increase a woman’s risk because it increases levels of estrogen and other hormones associated with hormone receptor positive breast cancer. Increase fiber – Diets high in fiber may help reduce estrogen levels and promote appropriate weight loss, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.#10. Choose Good Fats – Omega-3 fats, found in cold-water fish (especially wild salmon and sardines), freshly ground flaxseed and walnuts have been associated with inhibiting the growth of breast tumors. Consider taking 2 grams of a good fish oil supplement daily.The information listed above is provided for educational purposes only. This should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, nor is this information meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting or discontinuing any treatment or supplement regimen.
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