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I’m going to share some secrets about eye contact with you that is going to help you meet women like crazy. This is a major body language cue, and one that is hard to pick up if you’re not paying attention. This is one of my favorite body language cues, because when this happens, you know you’re in the home stretch! By the same token, if the woman is drunk or using drugs, her pupils will be dilated as well, because other stimulants are working to excite her body. I think you're really going to like this secret, because I'm going to share a little trick with you that I've developed that really makes it easy to meet a woman. Too often, guys are simply too nervous to approach a girl because of the extreme amount of uncertainty involved.
I'm sure you can think of a 100 more things that run through your mind when you see an approach opportunity come your way. Well, worry about this no more, because with this little trick I'm going to share with you, you'll never have to worry about a negative reaction again. We all know that eye contact is important, but something funny happens when we make eye contact with another person.

When people are out and about, they will usually look around to keep aware of their surroundings.
When she comes to you, her eyes will invariably meet yours, and you'll be locked in eye contact.
I like to use this tactic in low-key situations, like grocery stores, coffee shops, book stores, etc. Just enter your email address, then click the "Free Instant Access!" button to download free Facebook Pickup Method ebook (by Derek Lamont), free chapters of The Attraction Code (By Vin DiCarlo), Magic Bullets (By Savoy), and exclusive techiniques interview with Juggler.! Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
They will always betray what a person is thinking, if you’re deft enough to pay attention to them.
When they see a man they’re attracted to, their eyes will go from his face to his feet, because they want to see the whole package. It doesn’t matter if she looks away immediately afterwards, because she was attracted enough to you to check you out.
When you look deep into her eyes, you’ll see them flicking back and forth as she looks from one eye of yours to the other, trying to get a read on you.

For instance, if it’s dark in the room the two of you are in, her pupils will naturally dilate to let in more light. So be aware of the different factors at play when reading your target’s pupil dilation.
Even though it can work just as well in bars (as long as the light is high enough that she can actually SEE you!). Before reading your advice, I was doing it wrong, because I wasn't smiling when she was looking at me, I knew that I was doing it wrong but that's because I was very nervous and I like the girl a lot this happens to me often with girls I'm attracted to and i never smile. That, my friends, is a major signal that she will be open to you approaching her (especially if the vertical scan is followed by a smile!). Learn From Dating Guru's As Featured in Neil Strauss Book "The Game" Such As David DeAngelo, Tyler Durden, Mystery Method, Style and Wayne Elise aka Juggler! Catch one look at her face, then looked down over her body, going from head to foot, right?

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