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One night during a stressful period of his life, he found himself trying to go to sleep but his mind was filled with activities and fantasies.
Then about 1 week later, one evening while walking home from work, a young lad asked him for a cigarette. My friend recalled later that the young lad had facial features and hairstyle that resembled his colleague, which he had imagined getting into a fight with a week ago during his reverie. You may ask, why wasn’t it my friend’s colleague that got into the real fight with him? More importantly, what can you imagine tonight that is good and lovely that you wish to create further down the road you’re travelling? Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination Change your life with these 12 Powerful Advanced Techniques now! Blog sponsorship and banners Contact us if you wish to place a link or banner advertisement to your site or to sponsor this blog. Remember that your mind works on two levels – the conscious level and the subconscious level.
The best way to uncover limiting beliefs is to listen to your own language – pay attention to what you say both to yourself and to others. Changing the belief simply involves recognizing it and consciously deciding to believe something different.

He suspected that he had used his imagination in a negative way, and had created an upsetting event.
One of the reveries he imagined was a colleague of his got mad at him and they got into a physical fist fight.
If you have a belief that “bad things come in threes” and something bad happens, your subconscious mind will be on constant alert for the other two bad things…so that it will feel “complete”.
Limiting beliefs at the subconscious level can impact your life without you being consciously aware of them.
For example, if you want to shift the belief that “bad things come in threes” then each time something negative happens you could say something like, “bad things are one and done.
Your mood and imagination are creative and they have a power of attraction to put things together to create an experience that will meet you further down your timeline.
It’s actually a limiting belief of the worst kind because it will attract negative things to you. The subconscious level is the part of your mind you are not consciously aware of – it is where you deep memories, intuition, and belief systems live. For that reason, it is important to uncover these limiting beliefs so that you can change them. Why would I want to believe this?” Once you’ve uncovered the belief, you have a choice to make – you can either continue with the belief or you can change it.

Good things are coming my way.” Changing your belief enables you to shut down the negative energy from whatever happened and prepares both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind to create something positive.
They exchanged insults while walking further away from each other, then the young lad decided to run to my friend and started pushing him. But my friend by using his imagination unwisely had attracted to himself that young lad who is a troublemaker and the experience was one that reflected what my friend imagined a week before it happened. Luckily, an older gentleman who was passing by with his wife, quickly went between them to dissolve the fight.
The older gentleman then pulled my friend away from the youths, and the youths ran away happily thinking they’ve taught my friend a lesson. The police came, and the young lad that assaulted my friend was taken in to the station for questioning.

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