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Chris is the Managing Editor of Gratitude Planet and can be found most days enjoying the Southern California weather and waves. If you have read the FAQ page on this site, you know that we want you to feel better when you visit Gratitude Planet. The reason why the law of attraction does not work for people is because most people do not understand the difference in setting goals, which is a creative and imaginative process, where achieving goals is a emotional process. When we have a desire or set a goal we are in a certain vibration and you emotionalize that desire, but if you come out of that vibration it weakens, so you need to stay in the vibration and feed the same amount of energy to it all the time until it is manifested. The main reason why the law of attraction does not work for people is because is they think positively but they have unconscious beliefs or habits that are not in line with each other. We have to trust the law of attraction and its timing, it is a law and it works, but you need to use it properly. We need to ask, which is easy, but believe is much harder to achieve, as most humans believe when they see it happening then they believe .
Everyday I am taking time out to help you by writing useful content for you to create the life you desire. I am now claiming abundance and prosperity in my life.Im happy and thankful for all my blessings. But being or becoming a positive person is many times easier said than done, especially if your current situation isn’t leaving much room for feeling naturally grateful for it. Surround yourself with the positive people, nice pictures, listen to the music that brings up the joy in you. There is good and bad in every person, including you, and in every situation, including your current one. Also, don’t hesitate to reinforce positivity in yourself by applying positive self-talk, positive visualizations and affirmations. Being positive is the simplest way to successfully manifesting a happy life, and you can do it, anyone can. This is the second in our series of articles about making being positive a part of your consistent practice.

I am here to help you apply these steps and use them correctly in order to create the life you desire.
In order to apply the law of attraction both emotional and imaginative of the brain need to work together in harmony.
Once you have identified your desires you need to erase fear,blocks, and bugs that we have used all our life. Luckily for us all, being positive is also something you can learn to be, and you can start right now. People weren’t born with a positive or negative attitude – they learn to be one or the other as they go through their lives, and they can change that attitude at any point. Not only do they always complain about their own circumstances, but they also don’t encourage your happiness, always wanting you to participate in their pain.
And once you make the internal shift to the positive attitude, you will start attracting positive people and positive things, so it will be much easier. When you’re just starting out with making that change inside you, you will probably need some extra help to make it stick. Include instead healthy eating habits and exercise as a way to change your body, as well as your mind, for the better.
When you are kind to others, they will respond the same way, helping you to spread positivity everywhere you go. The first one was: Optimism and Positivity as Secrets to Success, and the next one is How to Stop Negative Thinking. If you think you need to always feel good, you will beat yourself up when you realize that you are a little cranky, angry, or snarky.
If you feel, say, irritated, then you have access to an emotion that feels a little better (pessimism) as well as an emotion that feels a little worse (frustration).
You can blame the outer circumstances and other people, you can continue to complain and to see the glass half-empty – but you can also stop and right now make the choice to look at the brighter side of life.
It’s the overall attitude that matters, and you should train your mind to find the way out of a bad situation, instead of surrendering to it.

Habits of positive people also include devoting your time to learning something new and growing, mentally and spiritually.
Feeling good is a great goal, and feeling good is part of the equation that helps you harness the positive power of Law of Attraction. Today I am going to go a step further to help you apply the law of attraction into your life to create the life you have always wanted and dreamed of. It is a bit like a car with no fuel it will not get you any where so they both work together to start the process of your journey.
If you really want to earn more money, be healthy, get a job you have to let go of the fear of not manifesting them.
I am going to add a page to my site of success stories to inspire and get other people who are lacking and finding it hard to apply the law of attraction, to believe.
Understand this, and you’re already half way to making the positive shift in your mind and in your life. For more info, see our articles about how to use positive affirmations and how to visualize. The idea is to climb out of your disconnected thoughts one by one until you get to ones that feel good. You will feel a little relief in your emotional set point, and your new vibration puts you in proximity to an even better-feeling thought: Boredom! Law of Attraction will match your connected thoughts with more and more connected thoughts. I hope you feel good today, and I hope you get there by feeling better and better in every moment.

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