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Through our Faith energy we can transmute the negative frequencies and restore our consciousness to the vibration of Spirit. We must go to our hearts and feel the Truth of these statements ~ leaving our doubting minds behind. With the catastrophic 48-hour torrential rains resulting in one of the biggest disasters to hit the U.S.
Now, church leaders are broadcasting their message of hope through Facebook Live, after the floods hit their churches, Baptist Message reported. Another church leader who used Facebook to broadcast his message is Brian Crain, pastor of Progression Church.
David Denton, pastor of Highland Baptist Church, another church inundated by floods, also called on his flock to take action and use the disaster as an opportunity to reach out to the needy and become God's agents of hope.
The latest in a strong of attacks by Fulani herdsmen took place early in the morning of August 16.
The meeting yesterday between Pope Francis and French President Francois Hollande in the wake of Fr Jacques Hamel's murder last month marked a rapprochement between the Vatican and Paris after apparently strained diplomatic relations in recent years.
Due to current weather conditions, morning Bible Classes for Sunday, January 24, 2016 have been canceled. In our ongoing efforts to communicate time-sensitive and important information to the congregation in the most timely and efficient manner, we have subscribed to ChurchAlertz, a service that allows us to send text blasts to members’ cell phones.

Please join us on Saturday, June 13, 2015 for our 16th Annual Family Favorites Cook-Off and Annual Clothing Giveaway. You are putting your faith in the possibility and probability of misfortune, lack, and limitation.
For me, my heart tells me that we are blessed with intervention while humanity continues to wake up ~ while the Lightworkers continue to wield their Light through their loving hearts. It's going to take a lot of us to be able to work together and really see an impact made in the city.
To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. Clifford Whittaker, who departed this life on January 15, 2016 at the age of 92, will be Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at the Church of Christ in Roxbury, 81 Walnut Avenue, Roxbury, MA. Dorothy Marion, a faithful member of the Roxbury congregation for nearly 70 years, passed away on Monday, November 9, 2015 at the age of 91. Troxley Norville has designed several desktop wallpapers in a variety of screen resolutions to go along with our theme for this year, “Encouraging One Another.” The wallpapers are available for download under the Media and Resources tab above. Faith is the creative energy of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen; therefore, your consciousness is that which stands under and supports that which you are experiencing in your world. Come forth, my Faith ~ saturate my emotions with total trust, total certainty, total conviction in myself as a being of the Universe.

It is one of the spiritual tools available to you for strengthening your spiritual consciousness.
I believe (have Faith) that we are being divinely guided and helped by the Galactic Federation, Agarthans, Ascended Masters and the entire Spiritual realm.
When I say we are in this together, it's not just that you and I are in this together, but the Lord is in this with us," Pastor Jeff Ginn of the Istrouma Baptist Church said. But it's a great way for the church to kind of step up as in the church collective body of followers of Jesus to get involved in the city," he said. Get involved wherever you can and by all means share Christ with people," he called on the faithful. Davis, Jr., a long-time gospel preacher, and minister for the Church of Christ in Roxbury from 1965-1978, passed away on Tuesday, November 3, 2015. You may have created illness through the energy of faith-faith in drafts, weather, germs, old age. I now let my world reflect the Divine Activity of Love, life, and abundance, for my Faith has made me whole.

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