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In this follow-up to his bestselling The Mystery Method, the star of VH1's The Pickup Artist and the focus of Neil Strauss's New York Times bestseller The Game helps men master the techniques to get women. Schreiben Sie eine Kundenbewertung zu diesem Produkt und gewinnen Sie mit etwas Gluck einen 15,- EUR!
We here at PUA Lingo have been swamped for the past two weeks due to the release of our first product, Seduce With Style, handling all the orders coming in and dealing with all the other nitty gritty details that come with a product launch. Anyway, with all the excitement surrounding our new book, we haven’t forgotten that little survey we conducted in December, asking you guys to vote on who you thought were the top 10 PUAs of 2010. We’ve finally gotten around to compiling the names of the pick up artists that you sent in, tallied the scores and did the calculations. As one of the main protagonists of The Game, and the host of his own reality TV show on VH1, it’s no surprise that Mystery received the most votes from readers as the top pick up artist of 2010. AJ and Jordan Harbinger are the founders of the Pickup Podcast, one of the best free podcasts out there about pickup.
His incredibly successful company, PUA Training, continues to attract some of the best dating coaches from around the world, and thousands of guys every year sign up for their bootcamps and workshops to learn from the master. Richard also helps to maintain the PUA Training Blog, which is one of the most popular PUA blogs out there (besides ours, of course), where he regularly posts great, free content and videos for his readers. The company has attracted some of the best dating coaches in the industry, with guys like Cajun, Captain Jack, Daxx, Fader, and Jeremy Soul, who are all top-class pickup artists in their own right. With a successful teach method that’s proven to help guys improve their dating life and positive mentions in the media, Nick Savoy and Love Systems have contributed tremendously to the PUA community in 2010. Brad P is one of those guys who’s always on one top 10 list or another, and this year is no different.
Brad P is one of the most successful PUAs out there, because he has a background in education, and knows how to teach his material in a way that makes dramatic and lasting changes in his students.
Although his famous Fashion Bible has now been replaced by a superior product, we won’t hold that against him. Jon Sinn is one of the most outspoken pick up artists in the community, so it’s no surprise that he received a lot of votes this year.
Although Sinn doesn’t rank quite as highly on our list, we still recognize the amount of great, free content that he publishes on his blog, as well as all the interviews he does with others in the community (he even did an interview with us a few months ago).

While I question the writing level of whoever wrote that comment, you can get the general sentiment that some of our readers have for Sinn. Tyler Durden is one of those guys who has been around forever, and continues to be very active in the seduction community. As one of the head coaches of Real Social Dynamics, Tyler travels around the country spreading the gospel of RSD and teaching guys the fundamentals of game. We actually got to hang out with Tyler when he was up here in San Francisco, and from our own first hand experience, we can say that Tyler Durden has some solid game.
I think it speaks to Neil’s writing skills that people are still finding out about the community from his book, The Game, more than 5 years after it was originally written. The site features a blog, a podcast with top dating gurus, videos, infield-footage, interviews, and more, all for free and accessible at your fingertips. There are a growing number of Asian PUAs in the community, and DJ Fuji is one of the best of them.
As a PUA of Asian descent, DJ Fuji offers a unique perspective when it comes to dating and pickup, especially since Asian guys tend to be de-sexualized in Western culture. Besides his experiences as an Asian American, DJ Fuji is one of the most clear spoken and practical PUAs out there. Rob Judge is one of the prolific PUAs out there, and he seems to be everywhere these days, sharing his advice on pickup and dating, including frequent guest posts here on PUA Lingo.
He is also the author of Date Hotter Girls, which was one of the top PUA products of the past year. Ok, that one almost reads like he wrote it himself, but that doesn’t change the fact the Rob is one of the top PUAs of 2010.
Although he didn’t get any votes, this year, we wanted to recognized Anthony Johnson for his contributions to the community. The convention has since opened to people above 21, and has grown to be one of the most successful conventions in the world, not just for pickup, but for overall personal development.
Anyone of the PUA’s who have been on that stupid TV show when they were trying to pick up that bitchy news anchor, it was pathatic!!! If we missed anyone that you think should have been on the list, please post in the comments!

Over 25,000 people like you who are serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days have joined our free Secret Society Newsletter. A salacious read about the continuing adventures of the world's most famous pickup artist, Mystery, this follow-up to "The Mystery Method" reveals more techniques to help catapult insecure men into a world of confidence and easy hookups. Ein Marktplatz-Angebot fur "The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction" fur EUR 9,50 Zustand Preis Porto Zahlung Verkaufer Rating leichte Gebrauchsspuren 9,50 1,20 Bankuberweisung robert5 94,7% ansehen Mehr aus der Kategorie Engl. With his reality TV show on hiatus, Mystery has been more active in the seduction community, coming out with his book The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction, that could be considered the spiritual sequel to The Game. In addition to running the Pickup Podcast, their dating company the Art of Charm, and a radio show on Maxim Radio, they also launched a new book on text game, a new podcast called AJ and Jordan Talk Chicks, and are coming out with a new online study course called The Art of Charm Academy. Savoy is the founder of Love Systems (formerly the Mystery Method) which remains one of the largest and successful pickup companies out there, offering bootcamps and workshops all over the world. With the popularity of his latest book, Emergency, and a cameo appearance in Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Body, I have a feeling that Neil will continue to influence the growth of the community for some time to come.
Formerly an instructor for Mehow, DJ Fuji broke off to start his own business and coaching program, and he offers personalized, long-term coaching to help guys make lasting results in their dating lives. He really knows how to break down difficult problems and challenges, and come up with simple and actionable solutions. If you don’t know his story, at the age of 18, Anthony started The 21 Convention, a pick up artist convention for those under 21 years old, because the rest of the community had basically ignored this demographic. There are now conventions held in both North America and Europe, and ticket prices remain reasonable, and many of the videos of the convention are released online for free! Thanks for following along this far, and thanks to everyone who voted on their favorite PUAs.
I'm Vince and I created PUA Lingo so you can find unbiased info on social dynamics and dating.

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