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At some point in your life you must have been at a party where no one could find a bottle opener, which sucks. I received a message on Facebook the other day asking me to explain exactly what this whole Amogging thing is about, so I figured I’d share it as the first post in the ASK JDOG discussion group.
It is an often misinterpreted concept that has caused many problems, and possibly even actual fights. Originally it was a term used to refer to the situation when another guy would come along, and steal the attention away from the girl (or group of people) that you were talking to. When meeting women in a bar or club many situations will arise whereby another guy will come along, and either belittle you in front of the group, or actually use physical intimidation to get you to leave. The tips and insights you provide go far beyond pickup and have helped me improve every aspect of my life thus far! Inspiration: I have mentioned this before, but I cannot help but reiterate how inspirational it is to know J Dog.
Over all, among all the people at the bootcamp, both my wingman and I find the most connection with J-Dog. Intellectual: Most instructors, even the big stars, state facts and use sciences without proper justification.

When I asked JDog about where he was from, he told me ‘Arizona’ and that he had purchased his English accent from eBay. He has been featured on FOX News, ABC News, and interviewed by Chanel 4 television, The New York Times, and Business Week. Among the instructors, most of whom I interacted with and went in field with, he was the most accessible and personal, not to mention he was the only one who completely volunteered without profit. Each of us got to tell our drafts, then he’ll help edit it, and then each gets to deliver it again. In some way it makes sarging a semi-religion rather than a science, and most people cannot fully believe something until they understand it deeply. He continued to tell me that he really wanted the French accent, but was outbid at the last moment and had to settle for the English. If JDog had been the only instructor at the Workshop, I still would have paid the money and felt as though I was undercharged for what I received. I got two stories out of the session, and more importantly, I understand the principles of storytelling deeply. J-Dog instead tells us the deep science behinds the routines, the structure, and gives us a long list of books to read.

This is who JDog is, a likeable, disarming man with a great sense of style and wicked game. If there is an event you would like to so see me at please get in touch via the Contact Form.
If you or your friend are the host then you are socially proofed, which works to your immediate advantage, and if not then you can raid the fridge.
I always preferred to use a key to prise the top off, which curiously makes me look nerdier than I already am. Give onlooking women a spike of bad boy danger-attraction when you butt the edge of the bottle cap against a table, and proceed to slam your hand down on top of it.

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