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VH1's The Pickup Artist gives a new outlook for would-be ladies' men, hoping to acquire the females of their dreams.
This reality series differs from many of the others on the television today, for the dating and relationship series often times are based off of compatible persons of the opposite sex.
VH1 has outdone themselves by enlisting the help of a self-proclaimed ladies' man to host the series and provide guidance to the contestants. These contestants include a group of socially awkward males that at a glance have no game as they call it with the opposite sex. Each week enlists a new type of lesson for the contestants to learn, which is put into practice by the way of hidden cameras in nightclubs and other social settings or environments.

In keeping with the regular contestant format on many other reality shows, each week a fellow man is kicked off for a lack of ability to learn how to interact with females they placed around.
These lessons being taught span the scope of introductions, to how to behave once a date has been acquired. Some of the episodes feature wing man instruction from the host as each of the men are placed into the dating environment, with a microphone feeding them lines into their ears.
This series proves to be one that is not only entertaining for those who like to see men strike out with women out of their league, but as an educational piece for those who are looking for a bit of insight on how to handle the opposite sex during courtship. As the lessons progress, and the students begin to gain perspective on the female species, the remaining contestants show their abilities in being able to crawl out of their shell and remove the elements of nervousness and insecurity.

Will the last man standing become the ultimate ladies' man, or will he fall victim to the predatory ways of the woman who refuses their advances?

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