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An American twist on Bridget Jones, Mindy is a successful 30-something New York City professional, always looks polished and is often glamorous.
Perhaps more importantly, this is the only show on TV in a very long time that’s made me constantly laugh out loud. Other comedies on TV seem geared toward men and a frequently juvenile male sensibility; I just don’t find them funny. The show has also successfully mined the comedy gold inherent in attending an ex’s wedding (a favorite rom-com setting). If the show has any blemish, it’s been the writers’ decision to constantly alter the characters and plot.
I felt so attached to Mindy’s character, I was willing to forgive the huge lurches in character and story.
The third season’s surprise pregnancy story arc—Mindy realizes she’s carrying Danny’s baby while doing a medical fellowship at Stanford University—also felt like a Hail Mary pass. The “Mindy” team needn’t try so hard; rushing Mindy and Danny from early dating to pregnancy felt forced. In an era when Hollywood constantly cranks out subpar romantic comedies with predictable, bland plots, it’s refreshing to watch a show that takes the genre seriously.
Copyright © 2016 The Federalist, a wholly independent division of FDRLST Media, All Rights Reserved. The lack of racial variety on ‘The Bachelor’ isn’t just a matter of casting more minorities. Actress Mindy Kaling attends the Kendra Scott Jewelry of Beverly Hills Grand Opening benefiting "Blessings In A Backpack" on August 10, 2011 in West Hollywood, California. Premiering Friday, June 27, the new Disney Channel Original Movie is a comedic adventure starring Zendaya Chanelle Peloso, Emilia McCarthy and Adam DiMarco.

The movie was directed by Peter DeLuise ("16 Wishes," "Kyle XY") and executive-produced by Jane Goldenring ("Radio Rebel," "My First Mister"), Carol Baum ("Father of the Bride," "The Good Girl"), Michael Prupas ("The Kennedys," "Cyberbully") and Harvey Khan ("Spooksville").
In Total Viewers, five of the top six movies in cable TV history are Disney Channel Original Movies. Fox made a disappointing call in canceling the show earlier this month, but at least they’re doing fans a solid, offering all season three episodes online in advance of the transition. Yet somehow it has never quite found the audience it should have, which includes everyone who appreciates quality rom-coms and anyone who likes laughing. Not once but twice, Mindy has ill-advisedly attended the weddings of her ex-boyfriends and caused a scene.
For example, Mindy’s best friend, Gwen, who was so important initially quickly disappeared.
In the same way Mindy seemingly dangled the Stanford fellowship to nudge Danny to commit, the writers introduced a mini Lahiri-Castellano, hoping viewers would commit. It didn’t feel true to the characters and, demographically speaking, it wasn’t terribly believable. Danny has long been been portrayed as a serious Catholic, so his cavalier attitude about an unwed pregnancy struck a false note. But I felt so attached to Mindy’s character, I was willing to forgive the huge lurches in character and story. The audience benefits because Kaling, the force behind the show and its lead actress, is also a rom-com fan.
She finds salvation in the unlikeliest of places when she unwittingly comes into possession of a smartphone app that magically controls boys.
That franchise has also delivered the #1 TV movie telecast among Tweens for 12-consecutive years. Hallowed Hulu, meanwhile, has saved us all from having a hole in our weekly entertainment schedule, now that they’ve ordered 26 new episodes of the hilarious sitcom.

So, we root for her, as she stumbles and bumbles her way through relationships with guys who initially seem great and later reveal themselves to be lame, or worse. Danny Castellano finally get together in an episode that evokes “An Affair to Remember’s” Empire State building focus.
The show cast eye candy like Tommy Dewey and Chris Messina (who plays Danny) as romantic leads, rather than sexual conquests. Here’s hoping they find their happy ending, while continuing to make us laugh, during season four. Spencer Boldman (Disney XD's "Lab Rats") stars as Jackson, the one guy at school who stands apart from everyone else. Based on the popular book Boys Are Dogs by Leslie Margolis, the screenplay was written by Rachelle Skoretz with revisions by Matt Eddy and Billy Eddy. And when both doctors are hospitalized for meningitis, Danny visits Mindy’s room to cuddle and read “Bridget Jones’ Diary” to her, British accent and all. Part of his backstory is “Diamond Dan,” the successful stripper alter ego that funded Danny’s medical education. This, of course, is a sop to Mindy; grumpy divorcee Danny would never read Bridget independently.

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