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Shaolin Kungfu practiced by monks from Shaolin Monastery takes martial arts to a brand new level. As Shaolin monks believe the strength comes only from the mind, there are almost no limits to what can be done with their bodies during the trainings. They believe that what their bodies can endure is symptomatic of the strength of their souls and minds.
When they’re released into the upper atmosphere, the particles retain their nanoparticle size and are easily absorbed as they filter down into the lower atmosphere and into our lungs and vegetation.
The most common toxic metals reported worldwide are aluminum and barium, discovered by collecting chemtrail residue from air filters, open water containers, creeks and ponds, rain water, and mountain snow. Advertisements One simply needs to observe the differences among high altitude aircraft between contrails, which are ice particles from jet vapors that evaporate quickly and disappear, and chemtrails., which linger for hours across the sky and fan out forming thin clouds.
He sees a connection of chemtrails, beginning from around 1990, and their aluminum deposits to the rise of neurodegenerative diseases, especially among young people.
Many realize that aluminum causes neurological damage unless our immune systems can quickly react or if we are able to eliminate the aluminum toxins quickly.
According to international reports, barium and cadmium are the most commonly reported chemtrail deposits.
Laboratory findings have concluded that barium interferes with our bodies’ activation of T-cells, which are the attack cells against pathogenic microbes. This allows other chemtrail heavy metals and biological disease agents found in some chemtrail samples as well as our food, air, and watere to have a field day unless we do everything possible to maintain a strong immune system, including constantly detoxing. Previous article13 Pictures of Crazy Goats on Cliffs – It’s just what they doNext article7 Drugs Whose Dangerous Risks Emerged Only After Big Pharma Made Its Money The Mind UnleashedThe Mind Unleashed is a News and Consciousness dissemination organization that seeks to break the chains of conventional thinking. Instant noodles are a popular go-to lunch or dinner for those who are strapped for time (or cash), like college students. He used a pill-sized camera to see what happens inside your stomach and digestive tract after you eat ramen noodles, one common type of instant noodles. Advertisements For starters, it could be putting a strain on your digestive system, which is forced to work for hours to break down this highly processed food (ironically, most processed food is so devoid of fiber that it gets broken down very quickly, interfering with your blood sugar levels and insulin release). When food remains in your digestive tract for such a long time, it will also impact nutrient absorption, but, in the case of processed ramen noodles, there isn’t much nutrition to be had. This additive will likely remain in your stomach along with the seemingly invincible noodles, and no one knows what this extended exposure time may do to your health. TBHQ, a byproduct of the petroleum industry, is often listed as an “antioxidant,” but it’s important to realize it is a synthetic chemical with antioxidant properties– not a natural antioxidant. It’s a commonly used ingredient in processed foods of all kinds (including McDonald’s chicken nuggets, Kellogg’s CHEEZ-IT crackers, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Wheat Thins crackers, Teddy Grahams, Red Baron frozen pizza, Taco Bell beans, and much more).
But you can also find it in varnishes, lacquers, and pesticide products, as well as cosmetics and perfumes to reduce the evaporation rate and improve stability. While TBHQ is not suspected to be a persistent toxicant, meaning your body is probably able to eliminate it so that it does not bioaccumulate, if you eat instant noodles your body might be getting prolonged exposures. Women who ate instant noodles more than twice a week were 68 percent more likely to have metabolic syndrome — a group of symptoms such as central obesity, elevated blood pressure, elevated fasting blood sugar, elevated fasting triglycerides, and low levels of HDL cholesterol. Having three or more of the symptoms increases your risk of developingdiabetes and cardiovascular disease. The monosodium glutamate (MSG) in instant noodles is reason enough to avoid them. MSG is an excitotoxin, which means it overexcites your nerve cells to the point of damage or death, causing brain dysfunction and damage to varying degrees — and potentially even triggering or worsening learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and more. Part of the problem is that free glutamic acid (MSG is approximately 78 percent free glutamic acid) is the same neurotransmitter that your brain, nervous system, eyes, pancreas, and other organs use to initiate certain processes in your body. Occasionally eating a package of instant noodles clearly won’t kill you, but when you make a habit of substituting convenience foods for real food, it’s only a matter of time before health problems will likely develop. Processed foods encourage weight gain and chronic disease because they’re high in sugar, fructose, refined carbohydrates, and artificial ingredients, and low in nutrients and fiber. Ditching processed foods requires that you plan your meals in advance, but if you take it step-by-step as described in mynutrition plan, it’s quite possible, and manageable, to painlessly remove processed foods from your diet.
As a physician, I’ve had years of experience diagnosing soul loss in my patients, but Western medicine has no framework for this kind of diagnosis, and as doctors, we’re not taught to treat this kind of suffering, so we wind up mistreating it. Sometimes the soul needs space in order to heal, and this may require the courage to make some external changes in your life. But very often, those kinds of major life overhauls are NOT NECESSARY!  Reconnecting to the soul allows you to find peace and happiness right where you are in ways that are much simpler and more profound than you might think. We hope you’ll join the live healing circle of those who are already registered for this free teleclass, but even if you don’t join us, remember- your soul is always with you. Lissa Rankin, MD is a mind-body medicine physician, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for physicians and health care providers, and the New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. There are a handful of things that can happen when you walk away from a toxic life in any way and start fresh, taking steps toward your future in bright ways. Don’t run back to the badlands of suppressed dreams and toxic entanglements just because it is familiar!

That is what can happen if you aren’t able to see the little bumps on the road to your dreamscape as part of the detox process.
That said, here are the top 5* life detox side effects I have observed (and have experienced many times!) that manifest as you move from toxic to thriving, from bottled-up to unleashed!!! You know, you were so damn excited the moment you walked out the door of that horrible job you had, and it seemed that daily life would be a party once it was over… but it suddenly isn’t. That’s what happened to me when I left a crazy job in art where an illustrous man would throw things at me and call me stupid all day on a bad day. What was really more stunning is that after a third week, he called me and begged me to come back. Some people get addicted to the surging stress chemical rush of drama and stress, like in a tumultuous relationship. I had an old friend who would break up with her boyfriend who is as wildly emotional as she is just about every six weeks. Overcoming the addiction to that rush can be as easy as replacing it with the heathy rush of excitement before going out on a date or the feeling you get after a great jog or an amazing session of acupunture or just about anything you love to do that makes you feel good!
When your energetic pattern in used to having stress on it, and suddenly there is no stress, if you aren’t mindful you can create stress to fill in the space where happiness was growing. With so much free time now that you finally moved out of a bad roomate situation, you envisioned yourself going to the gym… but instead you are going to the bar at the corner where more people just like her are waiting for you to befriend them.
Or… with a great new diet and exercise plan, you find yourself pushing so hard that you feel broken instead of energized. I remember walking the streets of New York in the Summer as the world seemed to be rushing past me in crowds of hard-working people getting out of the office at 6pm thinking, ” I am pretty sure I am on the verge of ceasing to exist. No one will stick a pen in your hand, sit you in front of a canvas, pick up the phone and make the calls for you, or anything else that in a magical universe we fantacize will happen to make our dreams come true.
Your actual vision for the future is something so clearthat it won’t fade, but it morphs as you start living it, expanding out further into the future. The way out of this space of detoxing and revamping and reorganizing right now is to go through it.
When the spell is broken- and for all of you who persist, it will be broken!!!- you emerge shining, bright, powerful and secure in a newer, higher place in life. Thank you Dana for articulating this, I am very aware of the physical detox symptoms after a treatment or cleanse but had never really considered what happens in the gaps once you free up space in your life or mind. If you resonate with what you see here, you can follow us by clicking any of the social icons below. A controversial ‘conspiracy’ topic, chemtrails are chemical sprayings in the air that ultimately expose the population to toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
Some claim the aerosol spraying is apart from the engines, and others claim it’s part of jet fuel. If you “believe” they don’t exist, then you should take a moment to open your mind and do further research, starting here.
Russell Blaylock is a retired neurosurgeon and author who’s very outspoken on vaccine injury and neurotoxins such as MSG and aspartame.
Blaylock explains how nanoparticles can enter the brain and spinal cord quickly through the lungs and nostrils, and that nanoparticles are much more inflammatory to tissue than other forms of environmental aluminum.
He’s talking about Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s diseases – not autism spectrum disorders from vaccines, which Dr. Blaylock also expressed concern over the saturation of plant, crop life, and water with aluminum nanoparticles. An aluminum toxicity expert recommends Volvic mineral water as a specific agent to detox aluminum. If not directly involved with destroying pathogens, T-cells support other immune functions, including the destruction of cancer cells.
While you probably don’t consider them a health food, you may think they’re not that bad, or, at least, not as bad as eating a burger and fries or a fast-food burrito.
Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital may make you reconsider your love of instant noodles (assuming you have one). Even after two hours, they are remarkably intact, much more so than the homemade ramen noodles, which were used as a comparison.
Instead, there is a long list of additives, including the toxic preservative tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ).
The chemical prevents oxidation of fats and oils, thereby extending the shelf life of processed foods.
Past research also analyzed overall nutrient intake between instant-noodle consumers and non-consumers, and found, as you might suspect, that eating instant noodles contributes little value to a healthy diet.
Instant noodles are a prime example of the types of processed foods you want to avoid as much as possible, as they are virtually guaranteed tomake you sick and fat if you indulge too much (and “too much” may be as little as a couple of times a week). Processed foods are addictive and designed to make you overeat; they also encourage excessive food cravings, leading to weight gain.

You can try scouting out your local farmer’s markets for in-season produce that is priced to sell, and planning your meals accordingly, but you can also use this same premise with supermarket sales. The soul is our source of absolute uniqueness, a place within that connects you not only to your own value and essence, but to the value and essence of every other living being. Soul loss is epidemic and blinds us from seeing the potential for joy and wholeness in ordinary life. You yearn to be of service, but you have no idea what you have to contribute and why it matters. You’re frequently worried that you’re not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, young enough, [fill in the blank] enough. You suffer from a variety of vague, hard to treat physical symptoms, such as fatigue, chronic pain, weight gain or loss, insomnia, skin disorders, or gastrointestinal symptoms. What people suffering from soul loss need is the deep medicine of reconnection with the soul, but in our culture, we tend to treat soul loss too superficially. It can be astounding to discover that you’ve had what you needed all along and have been looking in all the wrong places.
The first step to healing from soul loss is learning to reconnect to the guidance of your soul.
She is on a grass roots mission to heal health care, while empowering you to heal yourself. She is also the author of two other books, a professional artist, an amateur ski bum, and an avid hiker.
For two weeks I basically sat in fear and anger at home, while I should have felt wildly proud and excited about the opportunities I had to create a new and less-toxic life. I spend 90% of the time in the first 6 weeks there feeling like I was waiting for life to happen.
In fantasy, it is all effortless and the world is somewhat more charmed than it is in any version of reality. This was timely for me as I replace long-held limiting habits with positive and ambitious patterns and appreciate any help to keep me on track going forwards. It could be both, but however the chemtrail is administered, the liquid used maintains heavy metal particulates as nanoparticles to keep them from clumping together.
He admits that at first he was skeptical about chemtrail reports until he began noticing them himself. He thinks chemtrailing must be curbed before it’s too late to minimize the threat of constant aluminum toxicity surrounding us. Common ingredients of the flavoring powder are salt, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, and sugar.
You can generally plan a week of meals at a time, making sure you have all ingredients necessary on hand, and then do any prep work you can ahead of time so that dinner is easy to prepare if you’re short on time (and you can use leftovers for lunches the next day, so you don’t have to resort to instant noodles). What makes soul loss so subtle and dangerous is that very few people have realized that it has happened.
When you heal from soul loss, you see familiar things in new ways so you can increase your joy in what you already have. Perhaps an unhealthy relationship is constricting the soul, and it’s time to get into therapy, set boundaries, or even end things. In order to help you, Kitchen Table Wisdom authorRachel Naomi Remen and I are offering a free teleclass 10 Ways Your Soul Guides You In Daily Life.
The design and arrangements of their movements are based on the medical knowledge of ancient China and conforms to the rule of movement of the human body. Besides irritating lungs and causing serious heart problems or digestive issues from drinking barium contaminated water, barium can directly diminish the immune system. On the other hand, people have thrived on vegetables, meats, eggs, fruits, and other whole foods for centuries, while processed foods were only recently invented. Most of us do not know that we have disconnected from our soul and have come to accept as normal a numbness and lack of meaning in our lives. And most damagingly, we may label soul loss as mental illness, such as depression, and cover up the symptoms with psychiatric medications that may make things worse by slapping a Band-aid on a wound that’s not healing underneath the bandage. Perhaps you need to find more people to love or relocate to a place that helps your soul come alive.  Perhaps you need to give your soul permission to engage in more creative activities.
And one day, I started writing in a way I never thought I could: it was suddenly effortless.

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