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We love TV Series because everyone can find something to identify themselves with and TV Shows last much longer than movies allowing us to stay in their “reality” longer.
People often look up to characters from TV Shows and that is why our team has included this section to our website. Princess Grace- Once queen of Hollywood and an eternal style icon Grace Kelly used only private collections perfume created for her.  The adorable princes of Monaco was a woman with class, when comes to perfumes. Princess Stephanie- The Youngest daughter of Prince Rainier – Princess Stephanie of Monaco has been always a rebel.
Princess Diana-Lady Diana had a great taste and over the years her favorite scents were Hermes 24 Faubourg, Diorissimo & Lanvin Arpege, Penhaligons Bluebell, Adoration, and Celias Ultimate Gardenia.
Love reading this about the fragrances of royalty – I am still especially fond of Princess Diana.
Quote of the DayIn order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
For you to have that constant reminder of what you should strive for in reaching your own goals.

She was a girl from a common Spanish family, but her charm and beauty were noticed by Prince Felipe. He was named one of the sexiest men in Europe and still got the look that holds the breath. For nearly 20 years she has used two identical flavors – Oscar De La Renta and Volupte. After her death Creed has created a special perfume in her honor – Royal Water with a mix of various floral patterns that was often used by this amazing woman. Today's world encourages fast food, packaged food and unhealthy food that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. With those we would like to remind you that whatever happens to you in life you should always try to find that positive side of events and learn from them. The heir to the Spanish crown is said to use only one perfume that differs a lot from the royal taste.
Oscar De La Renta turns to be a favorite brand of the aristocracy, especially in its brand limited editions.

The French brand Guerlain turns to be iconic for the royalties, hence it is working on vintage collection of perfumes, made only for special clients such as princes and princesses.
It was created in 1760 in London and since then produces fragrances for almost the entire aristocracy of the continent.
A balanced diet however is one that consists of various nutrients in the right proportion to supply the nutrient needs of the body.
The Queen’s favorite perfume is precisely Fleurissimo of Creed, as well as the perfume Joy by Jean Patou.

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