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If there is one thing you must do while living in San Francisco, it is to date and date plenty.
We were a group of college girls with two things on our minds – hot guys and hookups. He's polite to waiters and cashiers, and doesn't do that awful thing where you yell, "CHECK, PLEASE," across the restaurant. In a city with the best food and drinks there is always something or better yet someone new to try out. I met guys at bars, walking down the street, at coffee shops, and even the post office line.
After a breakup that I had invested 3.5 years to, another 5 months of “we’re not official but we’re still seeing each other” bullshit, and to top it off another 3 months of crying over it.

Maybe that text message never got delivered and you can go on pretending you never sent it. I looked at myself in the mirror, slapped some color onto my flushed skin and told myself to fucking get over it and recreate myself.
Fully regret that decision… He was nice we had coffee but then he stalked me around campus. Dating will always have its surprises and you’ll learn from everyone you meet and interact with. Let me break it down to you- I spent 1,430 days with someone I’ll never talk to again and another 90 days of believing I couldn’t live without him.
I mean give a girl some tequila shots and shirts will be flying off in all sorts of directions.

Better yet he follows me into the silent zone of the library and kept trying to start a conversation. In the first 10 minutes he told me he was engaged but his girlfriend recently broke it off. Then he says, “You know I’m 41 right?” No I didn’t know that (Thanks for volunteering the information).
While some guys you’d definitely look forward to seeing again, there were also the guys you’d do anything to avoid.

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