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A video released on the Internet shows just why you should pay attention to where you walk when sending text messages on your mobile phone. The inattentive woman was caught on CCTV by security guards walking in a straight line with all her attention on sending a text message. The unknown woman is seen walking in a straight line towards an unheated mall fountain in the US.
The video was posted with commentary by what is believed to be either security guards or mall employees who watched the video repeatedly, reports Mail Online. Stream and download Faker Don T Fountain Dive Anyone Kr Lol Highlight on 3GP, MP4 and FLV format.
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Stream and download Doublelift Fountain Dive Pentakill On Jinx Clg Vs Crs S4 on 3GP, MP4 and FLV format. Stream and download Expectations Vs Reality Fountain Diving Masters Mmr on 3GP, MP4 and FLV format. Ileana Rivera, who worked with Marrero at a Zale store in a Berkshire mall, discovered the payments and Marrero promised to pay her back.When she failed to, Rivera reported the thefts to police. Marrero, 50, was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution and serve five years of probation after the house arrest, the Reading Eagle reported.But Judge Thomas G. Making a splash: Not looking where she is going, Marrero falls over the edge of the fountain. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. One of the overwhelming fears that comes with the human condition is the worry that everyone else is off without you having a good time. I was waiting breathless to fine out if the cell phone was ruined, if so what they said when she went in and asked for a replacement! User reviews and comments that include profanity or personal attacks or other inappropriate comments or material will be removed from the site.
Maybe you are at college enjoying yourself at a party, and you set your drink on the table in front of you while talking with friends only to miss someone spike your drink.  If you were dancing instead of talking with your friends, would you be more or less likely to notice the person spike your drink? If you are at the college party and you set your drink down right in front of you as opposed to setting it down on the table to the right or left of you (within peripheral vision), would you be more likely to catch the person spike your drink?
The woman in the video wasn’t injured, but this type of incident is becoming more common and can be dangerous, especially on a construction site. A 28-year-old man falls into a ditch while walking along a road and talking on his cell phone.

A pickup truck hits a 12-year-old boy who is playing a video game while crossing the street. It is believed that this estimate is conservative because patients may not disclose the fact that they were using their cell phone or mobile device when they were hurt, perhaps because they are embarassed.
These accidents aren’t simply a matter of not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. While the overall number of vehicle accidents is decreasing, the number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities is increasing, although the cause is not clear. The Utah Transit Authority attempted to bar pedestrians from using electronics while crossing the tracks of the light rail system, subject to a $50 fine, but the measure did not become state law. On busy crosswalks and intersections, Delaware highway safety officials placed decals that read: “Look Up. New York tried unsuccessfully to ban pedestrians from using handheld electronics while in Manhattan crosswalks.
Splicing safety mostly follows the same guidelines installers use when installing any fiber optic cable plant. Every year, preventable, weather-related injuries and deaths occur both on and off the job.
In March, I attended a Central Arizona Chapter International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) meeting. Collisions between workers and vehicles are some of the most expensive incidents on a work site. Please enter your information below to subscribe to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR's monthly e-newsletter. She is seemingly oblivious to her surroundings and even more oblivious to what lies waiting right in front of her. The video shows the woman plunging unceremoniously into the water before embarrassingly clambering out the fountain to continue her text messaging. On Gear Live, video blogger Andru Edwards, writes: "You should really look up every once in a while, just so you can be aware of your surroundings. And if there is one thing on which I am qualified to comment, it is People Who Walk Into Things. Sometimes I forget how to walk because I am distracted by something, not noticing until I have been off the cliff for several seconds that I am actually plummeting down into the valley below.
But does your cat disintegrate whenever you drop it, causing its battery and memory card to pop out and skitter across the floor of the subway car? But has it ever begun ringing loudly and embarrassingly in the middle of an important meeting, revealing to everyone that your ringtone sounds like this? Cell phones allay this fear by allowing us to text everyone constantly demanding where they are and whether or not they are thinking of you.
This is the American dream: to be caught on camera doing something badly and coast to worldwide fame!
They don't just walk into fountains -- they walk into bars, where they accidentally do far more embarrassing things, like revealing they forgot to wear pants. In this video, the woman clearly was not paying attention to the fountain within her field of vision, so the information regarding the fountain in her sensory memory was tuned out via the attenuation filter, and the presence of the fountain never reached her conscious awareness. Let’s Make it Worse and Find Out.Kieran Adams on Deaf Individuals Read More EfficientlyKieran Adams on Does Self-Control Depletion Have A Negative Impact in Sports?Kieran Adams on Abracadabra!

We knew it was a problem, but we didn’t have the data,” said John Akins, deputy executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission receives data from 100 emergency rooms and extrapolates the information into a national estimate. So, the scope of the problem is difficult to quantify since statistics may not tell the whole story. We’re concerned about anyone using the roadways or the sidewalks … about their propensity for distraction,” said Ellen Martin, agency spokesperson. Several psychological studies indicate that most individuals are unable to focus on two things concurrently.
The findings are consistent with the earlier psychological studies: pedestrians using portable electronics were more likely to walk unsafely into a crosswalk as a vehicle approached than those without electronics.
Since this trend appears to be growing, many municipalities are looking to deal with this problem in a variety of ways.
While walking across a job site, your employees can encounter moving vehicles, holes and trenches in the ground, tools, and equipment.
Once I traveled back in time and walked through the set of a Charlie Chaplin film without even noticing it because my phone was so captivating.
Text messages are the ideal format for this: all the reassurance that someone is thinking of you, with none of the inconvenience of having to actually talk to the person.
Most people will sit in line for days in the hopes that millions of people will watch them do something they aren't very good at; just look at American Idol. The famous invisible gorilla experiment of 1999 displayed the phenomenon of inattentional blindness [image file]. During spring 2012, a popular online video featured a woman walking through a mall while texting.
Their attention swings rapidly between the two tasks, and their performance on both tasks suffers.
Some are considering it more of a public health issue and are relying on education and various public service announcements, while others are turning to laws and fines. Add to these hazards the ever-changing nature of a job site, and your employees must be on their toes to keep safe. That's why Knapheide is giving away a brand new work truck outfitted with a Knapheide body. However, the National Highway Safety Administration collects data on pedestrian fatalities that involve individuals who are drunk or in hit-and-run situations. Although these studies didn’t focus specifically on handheld electronics and walking, the results indicate an inability to multitask. If banning or restricting the use of handheld electronics on the job can prevent one injury, it may be worth the challenge. But can he play an eight-second clip of "Grenade" by Bruno Mars on loop until your neighbors come and physically drag you out of bed? Injuries ranged from facial fractures and eye injuries to blunt head trauma, nasal fractures, sprained ankles and foot injuries.

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