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Ladies, I hope this gives you proper insight to what men are thinking when they hit send with a racy picture attached. Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. It occurs because they toss it out there in hopes that you will send them nude photos back. Like its said in the article it must have worked on someone and I pray for those women who fell for that nonsense. After my divorce I talked to 3 guys and they sent my dk pics and I’ve never spoke to them again. What’s sad is I have rec’d so many of these terrible photos, I now tell guys that I give my number too- NOT to send me d**k pics!
I knew women show their friends pictures of some man’s c0ck their seeing because women have a tendency to talk openly about s3x to their friends. No woman is turned on by seeing your junk, trust me all we are really doing is laughing at a man who sends unsolicited pics, its becoming too common and too damn tired. Oh the irony… It turns out that the crazed ex-cop who shot and killed a fellow movie-goer for texting in a Florida movie theater was also texting during the incident.
New documents reveal that Curtis Reeves, who is charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bail, texted his son, Matthew, just moments before his heated argument with the victim, Chad Oulson. Just minutes after 71-year-old Curtis Reeves sent the text to his son, he confronted Chad Oulson, who was texting his daughter’s babysitter during the previews. When Matthew Reeves finally got to the theater about 15 minutes later to meet his parents, his father had already gone full crazy and shot Oulson.
The elder Reeves, a retired Tampa Police captain, told police that Chad Oulson attacked him and that he was reacting in self-defense when he pulled out his gun and shot him in the chest. A young boy without a coat sits on a bench at a bus stop, all alone in the city on a brutally cold day.
The charity’s website reports that they have raised more that $350,000 in donations in less than four days.

However, after about a minute of seeing nothing positive happen, we are treated to a non-stop sequence showing strangers opening their hearts to the young man without a coat. In another scene we see a man who has only a short-sleeved shirt under his coat, remove the coat and put it on the freezing boy.
The video ends by asking the viewer if they would do something for a freezing child and then links to the charity’s website. From the breaking news you need to know to the hottest trends circling the Web, TheBlaze has it all. When you text, write, or email anything to a woman, you are subject to the Female Show And Tell law.
Your girlfriend’s best friends know your intimate details, or enough of them to make you side-eye the entire clique. His passion for storytelling and diverse interests are driven by both his life experiences, and his desire to motivate and be inspired.
But if there was a chance of it happening, I would send them a pic of my uterus (trans vaginal ultrasound courtesy of my gyn. Women are too stupid to realize all the details you share about your man only heightens the chances of your friends sleeping with him. Reeves walked in just as the shots were fired and says he rushed to the victim and his wife’s aid. Considering none of the witnesses recall that happening, I don’t think a jury’s going to buy his defense… although stranger things have happened in Florida murder cases. He was part of a hidden camera video project from an Oslo, Norway-based charity drawing attention to the plight of children in Syria. Usually men will engage in such behaviour when they know a common interest exists, but some guys go the extra mile. This law dictates that any incriminating pictures or text messages that you send to a woman, whether solicited or not, can and will be shown to the recipients 5-500 closest female friends for review and ridicule purposes. At this very moment, that woman and some of her friends are in a GroupMe or GChat conversation now discussing your idiotic actions.

If women are that candid about their mates, how much more candid do you think they will be with a dude they haven’t been intimate with yet? I have been dating for years and it seems like the 1st thing guys do when they get the chance is send a darn nude pic asking if you want it.
According to the arrest report, witnesses told police that Reeves “confronted the victim about texting during the movie previews and went to advise management. When men get your number, and holla at you, they are trying to impress you, make you laugh, and ultimately unlock the gate to your box everlasting.
When the defendant returned additional words were exchanged between the victim and the defendant and the victim turned and threw a bag of popcorn at the defendant.
According to their logic, one of the fastest and most impressive ways to get in a womans pants, is to show women what’s in theirs! Speaking of delusional, some of these men that send women pictures of their strombone personify that term perfectly! They aren’t ashamed of themselves, and they will sext you with the biggest, pedophile-like smile on their faces. And you are ABSOLUTELY right…that picture will be shown to all of my friends and then some. Women have asked me for some time to explain why a man, who isn’t their boyfriend, husband, or even sleeping with them, would send them cock shots? Why would men send a text that says “You tryna chill tonight?!”, when a picture of their meat can say all of that and more, right?
They figure that since they are carrying a small person in their pants, one glance at this specimen on a woman’s smart phone will make their panties rain from the Heavens!
Most men don’t measure up to their own illusions of grandeur, and they end up looking foolish!

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