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In a recent project, Purely Branded has teamed up with imATAD, a non-profit organization committed to eliminating deaths caused by texting while driving. As part of this effort, we create the first of several infographics dedicated to the dangers of texting and driving. In order to help us with marketing and web design for small businesses, we employ a full time psychic.
A new study has found that while 98% of people agree that texting while driving is dangerous, 74% of them have done it anyway.
The study found that 74% of drivers engaged in reading a text message while driving, sending a text message while driving, and related activities. The study further found that many drivers who text while driving do so because they want to stay connected and are used to being attached to their phone.
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Most of us have done it, taking your eyes off the road in order to send or receive a text message.
In Lesson 4 we focused on attention which is often described as a filter that allows some information to pass onto higher levels of processing (PSU WC, L4, P4).
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (September, 2010) Traffic Safety Facts: Distracted Driving, 2009. In my opinion nothing will make a person put their phone down while driving unless everyone have a major accidents, but texting is not the only cause. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Have you ever sat at a stoplight and counted the number of drivers who are talking on the phone?
After arguments spanning the continuom between individual freedoms and public safety, Ohio lawmakers approved House Bill 99 with a 25-8 vote.

Hopefully it will help encourage all you drivers out there to put your cell phones away when you get behind the wheel and stay safe on the roads!
We know it’s dangerous, so dangerous in fact many states have now passed a law in order to prevent us from doing it. We studied visual attention demonstrations such as change blindness, the Monkey Business Illusion, Sleight of Hand, Person Swap, and Pickpocket examples; all of which validate why attention is important in our understanding of our surroundings. Several recent studies of explicit attention capture have found that when observers are focused on some other object or event, they often experience inattentional blindness (Simons, 2000).
The essential factor to driving safely is keeping your eyes as well as your concentration (your mind) on the road. It hits close to home as a good friend of mine was killed last year riding his moped because the driver behind him didn’t see him making a left hand turn into his driveway due to texting and driving. Now imagine how many are taking their eyes off the road to text – and how many of them are inexperienced teen drivers.
Texting while driving in Ohio will be a primary offense for minors, meaning they could be pulled over for the offense.
The group decided they shouldn’t wait to start making a difference until after a friend or a loved was involved in an accident because of texting and driving. Research proves the relationship between attention and our perceptual experience to be extremely important, but what will it take for people to put their phone down while driving? What I found interesting from this material is the statistical research to back up the dangers of texting while driving. This was demonstrated by the monkey business illusion I mentioned earlier; when the individual’s attention to one thing causes them to fail to identify an unforeseen stimulus right before their eyes. The Truth about Texting and Talking While Driving: Demonstrating the dangers of distracted driving to students. Not only did my friend loose his life, but the 18 year old freshly graduated valedictorian driving the car ruined his life. The statistics show that texting is more dangerous than talking on the phone and even drunk driving, as the infographic illustrates.
As for adults, texting while driving remains a secondary offense; one where the offender could be ticketed only after being pulled over for another offense. Attention plays an important role in our interpretations of the world around us, and it has been proven that texting while driving is more unsafe that talking on a cell phone or conversing with a passenger. Many studies support the notion that using cell phones while driving is risky, but text messaging and conversing on either a handheld or hands-free cell phone while driving actually slows reaction time more than being drunk or high (Strayer, Drews, & Crouch, 2006). The processes by which you are able to press the gas pedal, observe and obey road signs, notice the light switching from yellow to red, be aware of the speed the car is traveling in front of you, your grip on the steering wheel, and the song you are listening to on the radio all involves attention.

I unfortunately am in profession where I deal with the aftermath of ones lack of attention to the road or their surroundings (their environment.) We often take for granted that we can multi-task and if we only take our eyes of the road for a split second everything will just fine.
The consequences to texting and driving are life ruining and because it is so hard to control even with legislation, it will always be a problem.
Using a cell phone while driving uses attentional processing that could be used to attend to information in our environment.
Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is illegal, but after diving into further research I am glad that texting has become a widespread concern as a precarious driving habit.
How we process specific information, and how we manage so many things going on in our environment at the same time is fascinating. We select what information we need for further processing while setting other information in reserve. After reading your post about attention and perception it got me thinking whether or not maybe texting and driving has become an automatic reaction, an engrained episodic memory that we became so used to that it becomes automatic. Laws are coming up faster than a police cruiser in the rearview mirror to stop texting behind the wheel and it is a good thing; we can’t sit by idly while careless drivers continue to cause car accidents because they couldn’t put down their mobile phones. We are flooded by a sizeable amount of perceptual data in everything that we do, and we cannot make sense of everything at once. I think that people were so used to it before law makers decided to prohibit using cell phones while driving that they can’t really control the habitual act. Texting while driving puts the attention needed on the road on the back burner while our mind focuses on our smart phone.
I personally think that cell phones should be equipped with a motion sensor that at a certain Mph it will deactivate anything besides emergency calls. The national campaign It Can Wait is a great tool to spread the awareness of how unsafe texting while driving truthfully is. I think that with the technology we have in cell phones already that this is a feature that is not too far out there to develop.
If we can change technology, we can adapt to new behaviors, or lack thereof to create a safer driving environment.
Today we are too busy looking at our Facebook, our GPS on our phone; a text message sent from someone we feel is of the utmost importance.

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