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Law enforcement has for years obtained warrants for cell phones that suspected individuals are using for criminal activity. Most cell phone users believe that their content that is in a digital format cannot be shared or accessed without permission, but this is not true.
Storing of data for most companies at least three years and IP (Internet Protocol) information for three or more years. Smartphone’s can capture pictures, video, text conversations, emails, banking information and much more. Many in law enforcement rationalize just that and work to keep up with the growing capabilities of wireless technology.
WHITE HOUSE INITIATIVE ON EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS HOST SUMMIT AT HARRIS-STOWE UNIVERSITY IN ST. Questions are being asked this evening after reality star Bruce Jenner was involved in a car accident in which witnessed told was caused by Jenner after he rear ended another vehicle, resulting in the death of that motorist.
The Malibu multi car collision is said to have resulted along with the death of one individual, the injuring of eight others. Law officials speaking to the LA Times said although the photographers were there they did not cause the crash. Witnesses would tell that at the time of the accident it appeared that Jenner was on his phone. Administered a field sobriety test, results would be prove negative, intimating the reality star was sober when he was behind the wheel. Witness Keoni Picerno would tell that Jenner’s Escalade was towing an off-road dune buggy at the time of impact. The accident occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway near Corral Canyon Road, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

A rescue helicopter picked up one victim at Pepperdine University, two miles east of the crash site.
Two of Jenner’s children, Brody and Kendall, were pictured separately shortly after the accident getting into their cars looking anxious. Bruce’s private life has been much-discussed in recent weeks after reports from close friends and family have confirmed that he is in the midst of a sex change procedure.
Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Cyberstalking and event Texting when driving has created new and demanding changes to access of cell phone records and stored data.
Applying the Constitution of the Unites States where illegal search and seizure would apply, this makes the rulings questionable because the founding fathers were not aware of digital communication in the form of Smartphone’s, Tablets and other electronic devices. IP Protocols allow cell phones to access the Internet so data can be uploaded or downloaded. As I have taught my Educational Technology class at Edward Waters College and during workshops and presentations with youth.
These changes affect current and future laws and the ability to prosecute criminals, but also make sure the innocent’s rights are protected. In the world of digital sniffers, digital watchdogs, and digital robots that probe the Internet for dangerous content everyone must be aware and informed. Prior to his charade in the Kardashian reality series, the reality star won an Olympic gold medal in 1976. The increased use of cell phones by terrorist and extremist groups has called for increased scrutiny of the collection and transmission of data by federal and local law enforcement. The question of privacy has raised concern and public attention for the enforcement of Constitutional rights. The Stored Communications Act that exists does not need to show probable cause to access e-mails or electronic information that has been stored on a server for more than six months by wireless companies.

Each device has a number that allows the Internet to “see” the phone as a connected node online. Many do not realize that in text messaging detailed information on who you text and what you text is keep hold of for a minimum of a year, but some companies keeping it for up to seven years or longer; the same for video and pictures. Just as computers can be seized when there is child porn detected, this ruling can be applied to Smartphone’s when the potential arises for revealing criminal activity and Sexting. The increase of minorities using wireless technology this may show cause for alarm because of the implications of Digital Profiling against minority groups. Pew Internet & American Life Project reported 64 percent of African Americans access the Internet over their laptop or mobile phone in 2011. When youth as young as 7 can manipulate a Smartphone to access online content that spans the world we live in, engage in multimedia games like Angry Bird and Angry Sharks, access Google Maps that can pinpoint anywhere in the world and the ability to communicate instantly by voice, text, video and audio these capabilities allow for terrorist groups and extremists to create potential dangers to the public.
This is an increase from 57 percent who said they did in 2009 and the numbers are growing because of the increased wireless speeds.
Nokia S60 3rd edition, 5th edition, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, Nokia E52 A· Nokia E55 A· Nokia E72 A· Nokia E73 A· Nokia E75 A· Nokia E5 20 Jan 2011 WhatsApp Messenger, the smartphone messaging app allows you to exchange S60 3rd edition mobiles: Nokia E71, Nokia E72, Nokia E63, Nokia N95, Nokia N81, etc. Kada instaliram whats up stalno se spaja sam od sebe na net, ne znam zasto i kaze da uzima podatke od The Nokia E72 has a new Optical Navi Key feature in addition to the standard D-pad Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nokia E72.

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