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I am calling a moratorium on texting my adult kids, except for purely informational tiny tidbits. I am also calling a moratorium on texting my adult kids, except for purely informational tiny tidbits, for another reason. My children should not serve as my venting board for all life’s perceived injustices. I should not expect my children to listen like a therapist, hang with me like a friend and anticipate my every need as I slide into the autumn of my life.
After watching the film Courageous, where the father asks the daughter for her heart to keep in safekeeping,  I gave the Lord my heart and asked Hm to do the same until He showed me the man He had for me.
Surprised, I instantly had a slew of responses on both.  Wow, I thought, there are a lot of men interested in a 52 year old woman!
My first day, I got an angry response on JDate from a Reformed Jewish man saying that No one here embraced Jesus, you are wrong about Him being messiah. Then I noticed I was getting the same profile of a man, with no picture, but from different parts of the US.
QuoteOriginally posted by shady0ps Lol I feel like texting girl is a job..any advice?

If you want to ruin your relationship f*ck it play a really bad April Fools day prank on your significant other. One mom texted her son that she would meet him at the mall after she was done masturbating. And to some degree, my sons do function as helpers, dispensers of wisdom and advice (often not thoroughly welcomed, I admit) and great companions. He enclosed a list of all the supposed lies Christian missionaries like Jews for Jesus use to convert Jews.  None had biblical truth. Hmm, this is strange…why do these men keep disappearing when I contact them back?  Are they all sex addicts? Traffickers I wondered?  I valiantly reported these men and was sent a form letter thanking me for alerting management and that they had been deleted.  When I received a fourth one, I knew there was a scam going on. They appeared to have been written by a good writer somewhere but didn’t answer any of my questions I had posed.
The smiley face licked its lip after the kiss.  Ewwww I thought.  Are you sending me a kiss with a lewd smiley face, because if you are I will have to report you!
This transaction is not available online at this time" and tells me to call tech support.

I felt the sting of rejection from standing for Jesus amongst Jewish people.  What am I doing, I thought. XYZ, what could be more important than talking to me?  I am working on some documents, baby, he chatted back.  Baby? A conversation where not only do we actively engage, but our dialogue is chunked full of sentences not phrases, one word replies or emoticons (a pictorial representation of facial expressions).
I asked him why he wanted to chat with me since I was a Christian and he was Jewish?  I want to get to know someone like you, you sound so interesting and religious he replied. I stormed off to the kitchen in search of a glass of wine, being so frustrated from the whole experience. Best apps for the 2016 Olympics Skip to 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hands-on < > Best Android Phones Best Android Tablets Best microSD Cards Galaxy S7 Galaxy Note 7 Honor 8 Pokemon Go Galaxy S6 Nexus 6P LG G5 Chromebooks Find Your Device Cases Chargers & Cables Batteries Welcome to the Android Central Forums Create Your Account or Ask a Question Answers in 5 minutes - no registration required!

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