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Every other day the form of the communication changes and the people become fascinated in this changing era.
The Texting symbols and Texting abbreviations save your effort of typing few letters during communication.
Below is provided texting symbols and text abbreviations that become useful for chatting on Facebook.
The texting symbols and texting abbreviations play important role for sending quick text messages to your friend or closed one via mobile otherwise chatting on social networking websites like Facebook.

In present days, most of the people use the text-based communication as mobile phone text messaging, e-mail, and chat. You can add texting symbols for showing various emotions in your chat on Facebook such as for joke you can use wink, for love a heart symbol, for misbehavior devil symbols, and other.
Texting symbols means to create a simple symbol by using letters, numerical digits, and common punctuation marks that inserts more emotion in the text message than hundreds of words. Texting messages are mostly used during communication through mobile or online Facebook chats.

The mobile phones are already featured with direct symbols so you can convey your happy emotions by sending :-) symbol otherwise you can use yellow round head featured symbol. Here the list of the Texting Symbols is given with their meaning that is helpful for your Facebook messages.

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