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THE BLACK granddaughter of a notorious Nazi concentration camp killer has written a memoir about how the colour of her skin would have had her killed. Jennifer Teege, the granddaughter of notorious Schindler's List butcher Amon Goeth, documents her upset over discovering the shocking familial link in Amon: My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me. Teege, the daughter of a Nigerian student and the German daughter of Goeth, who was hanged for war crimes in 1946 but went to his death declaring his loyalty to the Nazi cause, was given up for adoption soon after her birth and adopted at the age of seven to a couple in Munich, rarely seeing her birth mother.
The 43-year-old from Hamburg was discovered her relation to Goeth after she stumbled across the book, Butcher of Plaszow, written by her biological mother.
Her book tells of her search for identity and how Germans fell silent after the war about what happened. Since embarking on her journey of discovery she has visited the ruins of Plaszow, outside Krakow, and seen the house which still stands outside it where her grandfather lived as master of life and death.
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. John Saunders, a longtime familiar face on ESPN, has died at age 61, the network announced.Saunders hosted studio and play-by-play programming for ESPN for nearly 30 years. He was 61.Saunders hosted studio and play-by-play programming for ESPN for nearly 30 years.

There are two ways to activate it: Either lift your phone to your ear and start talking or tap and hold the little microphone button to the right of the text-entry box. You can also tap into the Photo Library or or press Take Photo or Video as before.The other new way to send a photo or video instantly is to tap and hold on the camera icon and get the radial menu with another camera icon up top and a video button to the right. Slide your finger up to the camera option and it will take a photo and send it as soon as you release your finger from the screen.
Do the same thing for video – slide your finger to the video recording icon to the right, then make your funny faces or record whatever video you want. When you remove your finger, you’ll be able to preview the video by tapping on the little play triangle.
You can also flick up and send the video without previewing.If you want to switch to the rear camera, tap and hold the camera icon until the radial menu appears and then let go. Your iPhone will record your message and then let you preview it or cancel it by hitting the X button to the left, though in my testing, sometimes the audio just sent, while other times it allowed me to cancel. You can also raise to listen when you get an audio message from another iMessage user — just lift the phone to your ear and it will play the message from your contact.
You can also set how long audio messages will last before they expire there.Messages listFinally!

The New Message button still creates an actual new message, while the Edit button still lets you select one or more conversations to mark as Read or Delete. I thought it was that odd persons fault but the next day with seemingly nothing changed it happened to another person. Also, when my friend renamed the group on her device it created a new group on my phone with her title, and the old group on my phone stopped receiving the messages.
It’s just really messy having so many of the same group opening and reopening and having to go into a different group to see a persons response! Is there something I can do to fix it?Elizabeth HardyHow do you send a group message in ios8 where the reciepents won’t see each others responses?

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