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PDF Converter Elite is a software solution that lets users convert their PDF documents into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and also create, manage and edit PDFs anytime. When you want to save, archive or send a business document or report, school essay or other work, PDF is the best file format for that.
If you don’t want to create a free account, you are nevertheless able to convert text to speech for free by copying and pasting the text into an online text box. SpokenText also offers Firefox and Chrome extensions which let you grab any text you find while surfing the web and easily convert it to speech. Convert any text, document or Web page into an audio book - no matter how long the original is! Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter supports texts and documents of any size, and can produce uninterrupted audio of any length.
But sometimes when you are too tired to read or simply don’t have the time to sit down behind your computer to review some writing or dive into the latest industry white paper, you wish there was a way to convert text from these PDFs to audio so you can download it to your MP3 player and listen on the go.

Users who sign up for a free account can upload their PDF and MS Word documents, as well as plain text files, web-pages and RSS feeds to MP3. Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter speaks any text aloud, and supports multiple languages and different choices of voices. Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter creates a perfect opportunity to learn with educational audio books. Thankfully, this wish is far from unrealistic, as a matter of fact, there are tools on the Internet which allow you to turn text into speech.
Documents converted to MP3 can be listened to online or saved to an mp3 player or computer. It also automatically converts pages to speech PDF, Word, PowerPoint files, plain text and web pages.
Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter produces audio books in WAV and MP3 formats, allowing you to burn a CD for a car or upload several audio books into an MP3 player.

Learn foreign languages easily appending no extra time by converting language courses in one of the languages supported by Pistonsoft Text to Voice Converter. Verbose can be used to Read Aloud any text, then save it as mp3 or wav files for future listening.
Bring your favorite reading on the plane or to a walk, entertain yourself or learn another language while driving or jogging!
Typical Applications: ~ Sit and relax while your PC reads the text to you ~ Save Text To Mp3 or wav ~ Proofread your own writing ~ Great for slow readers or people with a reading disability ~ Take some reading with you on your daily walk or run ~ Great tool to assist you study for exams. Burn a CD to listen in a car or simply upload the audio books you created into an MP3 player, and take the player with you on a walk!

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