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When my son, Morgan, was little we were constantly trying to figure out what caused his red, weeping eyes.
Truly, it was frightening to not know why he was reacting when we went to the library, for example. After Morgan had an anaphylactic episode to fish on a camping trip, we thought we could still grill fish at home. All this detective work has been necessary to try to have some control over Morgan’s environment. Lately, I’ve found myself giving a substantial amount of design feedback to non-designers. Every time I give someone feedback on designed pieces, I find myself repeating this over and over and over. The ideal line length, in terms of legibility, is widely believed to be around 66 characters long. Unless you’re designing a wedding invitation, avoid a centred alignment, which generally gives a highly classical look to any design piece. Stay away from the following fonts: Comic Sans, Papyrus, Trajan, Arial, Times New Roman, unless you have a really great reason for using them. Using a grid will magically help your design look cohesively and professionally-designed, even if it isn’t. My roommates and the people around me are probably more than a little tired of this habit of mine, but I ask everyone who’ll listen to me for opinions of my work.

Above and beyond any of its varied other failings, it is very difficult to make anything look nice in Word. We are the parents of a severely food allergic college age son, Morgan, first diagnosed at the age of 9 months old with life threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish and shellfish; and a college-age daughter, Michaela, diagnosed with celiac disease and a mast cell mediated disorder. While I always maintain that you ought to leave design to professionals, sometimes this just isn’t feasible for one reason or another. Of course, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but generally speaking, your text will be far more readable if the lines measure somewhere between 50 and 70 characters. It can work nicely for old-styled invitations, frontispieces, or labels, but generally it just looks overly formal. FontSquirrel has a great selection of free and well-crafted fonts you can download and use for anything you’d like. A grid will also lend the whole thing an overall sense of order and structure, particularly useful when working on a design that contains lots of information.
Use OpenOffice if you really like word processors, or the range of (also variably flawed) Adobe products created for professionals, or their equally powerful freeware alternatives. I continued to purchase new and different products in an attempt to find the mysterious cause. We talked through many situations with him as he was growing up to determine what might happen based upon past experience. We’d like to share our experience with you to help you keep your food allergic child safe, healthy and living as close to a ‘normal’ life as possible.

So, in the interests of public service (prettiness making the world a better place, and whatnot), I’d like to offer up some suggestions that should improve your design across the board. You don’t need to use every crackpot suggestion, but taking them into consideration will improve your work.
960.gs has excellent templates available for most design programs as well as a number of great tools for websites. This gives the eye a chance to rest and prevents your design from looking like an ad for a car sales lot.
Morgan had bad dog allergies, but at the time I didn’t understand that the dog hairs left behind could be enough to cause a reaction for him. It could have been the various pollens, dust, smoke, peanut dust and dander on the books themselves. We found this out when we eliminated food dyes from his diet, at the suggestion of our allergist. Our doctor determined that Morgan had touched the fish that probably wasn’t cleaned entirely off the countertops or some surface inside our house.
We determined then that it’s not worth eating fish even with preparing it outside on the grill.

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